Wikipedia’s Pharma Industry Agenda Editors–at it again.

Though it’s a moving target that changes day-by-day, Wikpedia’s vaccine industry agenda editors are at it again.

Besides the other longstanding false and defamatory information edited onto my Wikipedia bio page, new false information has appeared.

The good news is that for those who care, the source information is available for you to review so that you can make up your own mind.

Watch “The Dark Side of Wikipedia,” a Full Measure investigation.

Among the new false information is a paragraph that follows (with the corrected information inserted):

False Wikipedia Claim: “In a January 2019 episode of her television show Full Measure, Attkisson mischaracterized statements made in 2007 by a medical expert, Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, regarding a hypothetical relationship between vaccines and autism.”

Correction: No statements were mischaracterized by Attkisson. The affidavit of Dr. Zimmerman, a pro-vaccine medical expert who served as a government expert witness, can be read in full here

False Wikipedia Claim: “Attkisson falsely said that the Omnibus Autism Proceeding (OAP), which refuted claims of a causal link between vaccines and autism, was based primarily on Dr. Zimmerman’s testimony, and that Zimmerman’s nuanced views on the subject were kept hidden from the public by the federal government until 2018 in what Attkisson called ‘one of the most consequential frauds, arguably in human history’.”

Correction: Attkisson did not call anything “one of the most consequential frauds arguably in human history.” The quote that Wikipedia misattributed to Attkisson was actually uttered by Robert F. Kennedy, Junior, as can be clearly seen in the story. Attkisson took no position on the consequentiality of the alleged fraud.

False Wikipedia Claim: “In fact, the OAP’s verdict that there is no causal link between vaccines and autism was based on testimony by nine expert witnesses, and the views that Attkisson said were kept secret had already been made public in 2006 and were noted in the OAP.”

Correction: According to Dr. Zimmerman, it is false that his views had “already been made public.” His affidavit can be read here so that people can make up their own mind. Additionally, at the government’s request, the court sealed a landmark case where the government secretly agreed vaccines caused a child’s autism.

Through my reporting, I’ve learned that my experience with Wikipedia is not uncommon. That’s why I’m launching the Wikipedia Correction Project (WCP): to allow those slandered or censored by Wikipedia to submit information that will allow consumers of information to compare and make up their own mind.

Click here to find out how to take part in the Wikipedia Correction Project.

Who would be against efforts to allow the public to access to corrected information and different views so they can make up their own minds? Among others, perhaps those working on behalf of the Wikipedia agenda editors who have long-controlled topics and pages with impunity.

This “new blues” blog attempts to smear the Wikipedia Correction Project (WCP) using the typical tactics described in “The Smear,” including invocation of the phrase “conspiracy theory.” Judging by the response, the blog actually serves the opposite of its intended purpose and has sparked a great deal of positive interest.

Read the “news blues” blog that attempts to discourage corrections of Wikipedia’s false and slanted information.

For the few who might be interested, here is an unbiased, factually correct Wikipedia-style biography page for me: Sharyl Attkisson.

Do your own research. Make up your own mind. Think for yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Wikipedia’s Pharma Industry Agenda Editors–at it again.”

  1. “Do your own research. Make up your own mind. Think for yourself.”

    It is a great idea. Really, it is.

    But not in this day and age of the average American.
    It hurts too much to think. The average American is a non-thinker. They want everything spoon fed to them. It is so much easier to just look it up on Wikipedia, post it and declare, “See? It is on Wikipedia! It has to be true!” without ever considering there might be other actors with their own agenda who edit to alter the narrative.

  2. “Additionally, at the government’s request, the court sealed a landmark case where the government secretly agreed vaccines caused a child’s autism.”

    This is not true if your are referring to the Poling case.

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