Your favorite summer time activity?

Our unscientific poll at asked about your favorite summer time activity.

And the results are in! (And I think they’re a bit of a surprise.)

Most respondents love to relax at home.

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Favorite summer activity:

27% Beach

2% Foreign travel

15% US travel

48% Relax at home

8% Something else

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5 thoughts on “Your favorite summer time activity?”

  1. I’m not terribly surprised by the ‘stay at home’ theme, for reasons of my own observations of family and friends. Many have health & weight matters, as well. That could be a strong deterrent to leaving the house, for an extended period of time, cooped up with other human beings, all asking, “Are we there, yet?”
    Although motorcycling wasn’t listed as an activity, travelling the US was certainly a good choice for me. It’s like a vacation done on weekends, throughout the riding seasons. No TSA to deal with, makes it much more enjoyable.
    Mike V.

  2. I was probably in the something else group. I worked for local farmers sometimes making enough money to be able to get ahead of bills for enough to go back to school when it started again

  3. Unless my preferred candidate makes a horrific gaffe or displays a temperament that, in my view, is not compatible with steady and unflinching leadership, presidential debates have, for the more than 50 years that I’ve been voting, tended to affirm the choice I had tentatively made beforehand.

  4. Now days a favorite summer activity is remembering those great summers when I was a teenager working in the Kansas wheat fields, playing American Legion baseball and dating a girl who would be elected football homecoming queen at our high school in autumn of that year. Those were the days!

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