Biden inspires excitement among Democrats

Former Vice President Joe Biden is a strong frontrunner among Democrats when it comes to who they want to see as their party’s nominee in 2020.

That’s according to a recent national survey of voters who identify as Democrats, or who are Independents who lean toward the Democrat side.

Eighty percent (80%) said they would be satisfied or excited to have Biden as their party’s nominee.

Top party support, according to the survey, is as follows:

  • 26% Joe Biden
  • 18% (Undecided)
  • 14% Bernie Sanders
  • 10% Kamala Harris
  • 9% Elizabeth Warren

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4 thoughts on “Biden inspires excitement among Democrats”

  1. Why in the world would ANYONE pay attention to so-called polls or give them any credibility whatsoever?? Polls are an absolute joke, always have been, and always will be as they are easily manipulated and continually used to sway opinions with fraudulent results. As mentioned above, the participants are cherry picked to attain the desired result of those doing the polling. Doesn’t anyone ever wonder why third party candidates are never allowed on the stage in the debates? Polling!! Wake up, sheeple!!

  2. Yeah, not buying the whole polling process any more than the “debates” that are neither debates nor are they neutral. Corporate media has its own preferences and will drive public opinion in whatever direction is prescribed by the “Deep State”. Polls are but one tool in a big tool box.

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