“The Squad”: relatively unknown in middle America

Four controversial, ultra-left members of Congress who call themselves “The Squad” have gotten significant news coverage in recent weeks, but are relatively unknown outside of political circles.

That’s according to a recent poll by ScottRasmussen.com.

The members of Congress who call themselves “The Squad” are: Democrats Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts.

Critics of “The Squad” accuse them of taking positions and making statements that are anti-American, anti-Semitic and racist. However, “The Squad” accuses President Trump and others of being racist, homophobic and more.

Fifty-eight percent (58%) of those polled either aren’t sure what the political leanings of “The Squad” are. Fewer than half knew that the members are “extremely progressive.”

  • 44% unsure what “The Squad” represents
  • 42% say they are “extremely progressive”
  • 8% say they are “bi-partisan moderates”
  • 6% say they are “extremely conservative”

In other poll results, 42% said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, better represents the party than does Ocasio-Cortez. Twenty percent (20%) say Ocasio-Cortez is a better representative.

Read more poll results at ScottRasmussen.com.

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15 thoughts on ““The Squad”: relatively unknown in middle America”

  1. I enjoy your posts but I think that you should not use the words ‘liberal’, or ‘ultra-liberal’, to describe any Democrat. For me, ‘liberal’ suggests someone who shows at least some respect for rational values including freedom of speech. Among Democrats, an example, whom I would identify as a liberal, would be former Senator Joseph Lieberman. I didn’t always agree with him but I got the impression that he spoke his mind honestly and that he would listen to and consider rational argument, I think that all such people have been eliminated from the Democratic party. The Democrats are now uniformly malevolent, tyrannical, and completely condemnatory of any redeeming values, including respect for freedom of speech and rational discourse. For me, to refer to them as ‘liberal’ gives them a patina of respectability which none of them deserve.

    1. I think “Leftists” is more appropriate than “liberal” in most cases where you have staunch progressives.

    2. Doug. Agreed. I would like to see a move to quit using the terms Democrat/Republican. Neither of these parties appear to have the same positions that were in place 50-60 years ago. The Dems seem to be in the socialist, even Marxist camp, and GOP are now where the Dems were when I was very young. But, there is this huge group of people who are still very conservative, hard working, law abiding who are not happy with the GOP. Hence Trump was elected. HOWEVER, this will not happen unless there is an upheaval in the political system. Last time that happened the Republicans formed, followed by a civil war

    3. Doug, I understand your sentiments, but the reality is that the term “Liberal”, when used today in the context of one’s political leanings, means pretty much the same thing as “progressive” and “leftist”. Your desire that it connote Joe Lieberman’s sensibilities of 10-15 years ago is fine. It’s just unfortunately not what people mean today when they use the word. I would submit that the meaning you apply to the word is actually a well bygone usage.

  2. Miss seeing you on TV. Local stations move your show around.
    Sad. I think middle America. Is not constantly focused & driven by all the MSM. As those in large Liberal- voting areas & on Universities are brainwashed & therefore WE & THOSE that think independently – and seek Patriotic venues & hold to Christian values do not worship at PROGRESSIVE controlled formats..,
    Keep your FAMILY CLOSE & teach THE TRUTH!!

  3. Never before have I experienced anxiety due to words and actions from representatives from other states. These women – “the squad”, the breaking of rules by house democrats, the numerous crimes that were committed to manipulate the American people into believing that Trump is a criminal – it is all just unbelievable. I’m wondering if there is such a thing as a national petition to get elected representatives out of office. They are harming the entire country! Now I see that many Americans are blissfully ignorant of what is going on in the nation’s capital.

  4. Yes I agree with a few others. The left is no longer liberal. Socialist or progressive would be how I would describe them. But even the word progressive seems to imply forward thinking by doing away with our history. If the next generation doesn’t learn about how hard the immigrants had to work to make this great country then they cannot appreciate how far we have become. If all they ever learn is our forefathers were bad and held people down then they are going to grow up thinking this is true. It is far from the truth. We can always do better and that should be the goal of every generation. But we have to keep our history and learn where we can do better. Not bury it.

  5. Dear Sharyl,

    I hope you continue to hold to your convictions of getting to the bottom of the story no matter where it leads. The comments above reflect your integrity of thought. Plus, it emphasizes your realization that people are HUNGRY for the truth. We’ll all still view it through our own set of lenses, but at least if we’ve heard the facts we can try to understand. We’ve all experienced the challenges of life and the weariness of carrying the day-to-day. I see many comments that are grateful for your strength. I hope “our” gratitude and faith in your integrity will lift you on those days when you might wonder if it’s all worth it….

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