4 thoughts on “The Weaponization of Wikipedia”

  1. Great podcast. I am a big fan of your work. Since this is a free form type of podcast, where you put up podcasts when you can (..or want), I keep checking back for your “next one”, and wait…and wait..then boom, there it is. Keep up the good work…and yes, right now on your wikipedia page, there is much “editorializing” in with your info. Is it possible to go to court to get rid of your wiki info from wikipedia?

  2. Thank you! Have courage and continue to expose those who would curate everyone’s access to the data which would allow them to make up their own minds. This kind of propagandist activity extends also to science sites – PhysOrg is an example – where “news” of supposed research is sometimes presented in order to bias viewer’s opinion by falsifying the “scientific” atmosphere around the “story.” But at least, those who see such attempts to bias the site have an opportunity to respond, and conversations reveal the opposition to such obviously distorted material. This is a bad time for truth, and the political conversation is often beneath contempt. Thanks again for working to defeat the attempts to disallow conservative opinion. Sad to say, even local libraries perform a quiet and biased selection of recently published texts which seek to make public the attempts to manipulate public opinion; and those who teach our children are also deeply implicated in the influence of the students to reject truth in favor of emotional response.

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