Unscientific poll: Are you looking forward to Campaign 2020?

Most people are not looking forward to Campaign 2020.

That’s according to our latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

A full 54% of respondents said they were either unsure about Campaign 2020 or not looking forward to it.

The full results are below.

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Are you looking forward to campaign 2020?

45% Absolutely!

35% Definitely not!

19% I’m Mixed.

1% I Don’t know/I Don’t Care.

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10 thoughts on “Unscientific poll: Are you looking forward to Campaign 2020?”

  1. Want so much to see President Trump prevail again. So want to put a seal of approval upon what he’s accomplished in our behalf during the past two years. It’s amazing to me the Democrat revenge seekers, Never Trumpers, and deep staters continue to ignore all the good he’s done for this nation.

    Met you briefly when you were a keynote presenter at Hillsdale College a couple years ago

  2. I am mixed.
    Not looking forward to the mud-slinging, the posturing, each trying to out do each other in every news-cycle. The flip-flopping on an issue based off the latest poll.
    The first two debates were a hot mess. What was the average? 8minutes is the amount of time each candidate had of actual speaking time. And clearly some were favored over others. I noticed none of the NPR/PRI shows even mentioned Tulsi Gabbard the next day after the debate.
    I do think it is important to stay informed, and knowledgeable of each candidates stance on the issues.
    As the field shrinks, that is when I am really going to be paying attention.
    Will the Dems nominate a more moderate, center, candidate? Or more progressive left?
    Will nominating either alienate the progressives left, or moderate left? What about the independents? Or will each respective group stay at home and not vote at all?
    Or another, going to hold my nose and vote for the Dem candidate, like in 2016 and hope that will beat Trump?

  3. It’s the political ads that I despise. Individuals and both political parties run add that include half truths or outright falsehoods. Plus they are endless.

  4. Why would anyone give a damn about an election that is totally controlled by one party pretending to be two parties? They have completely shut out any third party competition and refuse to even let them be heard. The whole thing has been a fraud for decades and as long as the sheeple participate nothing will change. 2020 will just be another “dog and pony” show and those who really run things have hedged their bets by owning them both. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

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