Unscientific poll: Trump’s executive order to count noncitizens

Our latest poll at SharylAttkisson.com asked about President Trump’s executive order that would count noncitizens without using the census.

An overwhelming majority of respondents say they support the executive order.

Full results of the poll are below:

Do you support President Trump’s executive order to count non-citizens?

Yes (95%)

No (4%)

Unsure (1%)

Leave me alone (0%)

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7 thoughts on “Unscientific poll: Trump’s executive order to count noncitizens”

  1. Michael J Sheridan

    Raids is an odd choice of words unless he calls them that. (Trying to find an instance) But propagandists are particular about the language they use. Raid conjures up ceratin imagery like battering rams and a mad rush through the door. Either way, they need to go. Have a nice evening.

    1. “Raids” is a very common choice of words used by Law Enforcement a/o Military units or agencies at all levels. The word doesn’t conjure up ANY images unless the MEDIA [of all types – print, video, etc] put it out there. The ‘raids’ WILL & SHOULD CONTINUE b/c it is a productive way to capture ILLEGALS & CRIMINAL OFFENDERS. SEND THEM BACK!

  2. I support most all our president does however I think he needs to choose his battles a little more carefully. Illegals will either lie or not do the census at all. So the point is mute.

  3. My understanding of the target of the raids was “Asylum seekers who had been denied asylum. Therefore they have no right to remain in the USA. The subjects are
    1. Here illegally
    2. Should have reported to the border to leave.
    3. Have no respect for this country and our laws.
    So where do the “Squad” and others get off shouting about these illegal’s rights?

  4. My son is a legal immigrant, a lawful permanent resident holder of a green card. He is not a US citizen. Does he get counted in this survey?

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