Unscientific poll: Have you decided on 2020?

At SharylAttkisson.com, we always want to know what you think. That’s why we asked if you’ve decided who you’ll be voting for in 2020!

A whopping 94% of you said yes, you know exactly who you’ll vote for.

The full results are below:

Do you know who you’ll vote for in 2020?

Yes! (94%)

No way. (3%)

I’m not sure. (3%)

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18 thoughts on “Unscientific poll: Have you decided on 2020?”

    1. There was voting before there was that agreement. You can vote for anyone you want to. there’s always write-in space. If you want a particular person to be in office badly enough, you could always work to spread the word about Why you think that person should be in office.

      1. TRUMP. Though I would prefer either Cruz or Abbott of TX, with Jordan, Gomert or Meadows as their VP… Pence is creepy.

        ALL of the Dems running are appalling socialist/open border nut-rolls.

  1. this is a Side Show – they can take Uncle Joe out with tweets from his past.

    Hillary is running for President – it is the only way that she can stop the Indictments – Her, Bill, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Rosnstein . . . et al – Unless she becomes Pres and controls the Exec Branch – they are all going down.

    and since she now understands that the Electoral College still counts – Julian Castro will be VP – he is a 2for Latino and Prog and Ted Cruz barely beat him

    1. Hillary can’t win. They know that. She’s a terrible candidate. None of the one’s they have running can get anywhere near President Trump’s support. They Will work to change the current narrative, They have to shake the economy down…… keep the jobs out…. they will try. Be prepared for some bumpy bits on the road to Trump’s second win.

  2. how come John Solomon said that comey will not be indicted? If he is not, the entire investigation is a sham. govt claims no one is above the law!

  3. Trump is going to win.
    Only due to the fact none of the Democrat candidates are electable.
    Most of the independents will likely stay home.
    If the Democrats go to the far left, they will alienate the moderate Dems and they will stay home.
    If the Democrats go for the moderate candidate (is there one?), they will alienate the far left Dems and they will stay home.

    I could vote for Gabbard, but the establishment DNC wont have her.

  4. Vicki D Mathiesen

    Trump! The best President ever. He is not a politician and the politicians can’t stand him because he can’t be bought. MAGA and KAG!

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