Update: Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI for government computer intrusions

Our efforts continue to hold the government agents accountable for their confirmed spying on my professional and personal computers while I worked at CBS News.

There’s still time to support Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI for the government’s computer intrusions. We have received additional promising information as a result of our whistleblower award offer and are extending the effort an additional month. Please circulate news of the offer. New steps in our efforts will be announced at the conclusion of the whistleblower outreach.

If our lawsuit against the government’s bad actors is not successful, Judge James Wynn pointed out the government will have been handed a playbook to allow it to avoid accountability for all of its illegal spying on American journalists and other U.S. citizens. This is important.

If you’ve followed this case, you know a Judge Wynn called the Department of Justice behavior in fighting against the lawsuit “Kafkaesque.” Learn more and help hold the government accountable by clicking the link below:


Leave any comments of support here! And find out more about the whistleblower award by clicking the link below:

Background information on Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI can be found by clicking the link below. The article also includes a summary of forensic evidence and media disinformation about the case. Please consider sharing!


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8 thoughts on “Update: Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI for government computer intrusions”

  1. Michael Thompson

    They? Have been doing this to me for 6 years + They have gone to my employers and had them modify the Computers, Networks and all electronic devices I own or Work on. They told anyone in my company who were aware that they could not tell me anything about what was going on. This put my managers and peers in a position where they had to lie to me. This includes the Servers and Networks of Customer’s hardware and software , This was going on when I worked At, AT&T, GDIT and most Recently MAXIMUS. They used the modifications and control to sabatage my work and these customers Telecommunication Systems. This was done in a way that was obvious to me. Over the years they have told people who I work with that I was a “Drug Dealer” Child Molester and most recenty a Domestic Terrorist. Many people have tried to help me uncover and defeat them these past years. They continue to commit more and greater criminal acts to cover up what they do.

    They make all of us vunerable to serious breaches of privacy. And much more.

    Michael Thompson

  2. You know, I’m starting to think that, because of all the leaks to MSM by “anonymous government sources” and the leak investigations started by Sessions, your case might be on the back burner. There are likely people being investigated, that overlap with ones you investigated. There could be Grand juries we are not aware of, and those will take precedence over divulging info to your case. Think about it. The Obama administration, FBI, DOJ, SD, and other Intel organization’s, are all implicated in spying on Trump. Untill this shakes out, your case may need to wait on certain Revelations. But, the leak investigations very likely ongoing, will put a damper on your case for same reasons as above. It’s all very complicated right now.

  3. Sharyl,….. *please* : drop this matter: it’s Quixotic and it diverts you — a valuable resource – from issues where you are really needed

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  4. Its been nothing but misconduct look at the last 2 veterans cases prosecutors were tracing defense unheard of and unethical?

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