When news is paid propaganda

You see it all the time, but you might not have heard of it: paid-propoganda-as-news – or as we’ll use the Epoch Times’ abbreviation, PPAN.

PPAN is exactly what it sounds like. An interested party pays news outlets piles of cash in order to have them air a biased story. People, corporations, and even countries can pay off news outlets to air biased material. Brian Cates of The Epoch Times wrote an article detailing how he says this can happen.:

Here’s how the ‘disguise our paying client’s propaganda as our own news coverage’ scam works: Let’s say you’re a fabulously wealthy Saudi prince who doesn’t like the recent direction that Mohammad Bin Salman has been taking your country for the past few years, and you’d like to try to influence American public opinion and—by extension—U.S. foreign policy toward Saudi Arabia. What you do is, you pay one of these political operative firms big money to get your point of view published in U.S. news outlets.

Brian Cates – The Epoch Times

The next question you probably have is “how can we tell if something is paid propaganda or real news?” As of right now, Cates says, it doesn’t look like there’s an easy way. He says best way is to do your own research. If a news piece involves a “juicy narrative with a lot of inside details” about power dynamics between big corporations, countries, or even internal American affairs, do a little digging of your own before coming to a conclusion, he advises.

The rest of Brian Cates’ article can be read here: Paid Propaganda as News.

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6 thoughts on “When news is paid propaganda”

  1. We’ve prettmuch stopped watching “news”. It’s more like propaganda. Judicial Watch is something we trust..

    1. I haven’t looked at a MSM news show since about 2000, at which time it dawned on me that I was passively engaging in pornography.

  2. Anyone with an IQ of three digits should realize when clicking from channel to channel and all of the ‘news’ talking heads are spouting verbatim verbiage, that propaganda is at hand. Thus , I have not had a television for over ten years , nor have I subscribed or read any print news. I suggest scrutinizing throughout the internet, reading articles from all over the world to get a possibly more accurate view of issues, ever mindful that the source, even then, is quite probably tainted.

  3. Do some historical research around the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, located in Sussex, UK, which has been around for about 100 years. It serves the Gnostic/Luciferian royal central banking bloodlines of Europe, acting as the hub for coordinating media social engineering efforts, globally. Their goal is to spread Luciferianism globally while extinguishing all belief in God, and implementing global communism as the political tool of Luciferianism. There is obviously more to the story, but that’s the summary for you. Most reading this will never research this, anyway.

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