When *They* Come For You: A new book

The eye opening new book written by award-winning investigative journalist David Kirby is on sale now: When They Come For You.

I think of it as 1984 for 2019.

When They Come For You details how to fight back against government, law enforcement and bureaucratic interests “seizing our property, our children, our savings, and our fundamental American rights.”

Federal, state and local governments, police, lawmakers, judges, revenue agents, unelected power brokers, and even government social workers are are all playing a role, according to Kirby.

The book is not just written from a liberal viewpoint, it’s written from the viewpoint of all freedom-loving Americans.

Police and prosecutorial misconduct, overzealous bureaucrats with virtually unchecked power, unwarranted searches, SWAT-style raids on the homes of innocent Americans, crackdowns on a free press and the right to protest, removing children from their parents without cause, “debtors prisons,” restricting freedom of health choice, seizing private assets for government profit, and much more demonstrate how deeply our rights and our national values are eroding. 

Publisher description of When They Come For You

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5 thoughts on “When *They* Come For You: A new book”

  1. the hint of this has been out there for decades . where 2 times in American history . the gov took the money’s of the public. and America with a debt .we cant pay . looks like there will be a time 3 . and as we all see every day how laws dont matter to them of power, authorities, and law dont apply. America has been heading this way for a long time . and it started when the politicians started to do there job for them self’s . .and not the will of the public. and once that got on track . there is no way to stop it . corruption only goes forward and grows . and one can bit the trying to get our guns are a big part of this whole thing . American’s has a history of not being run over .and will fight like hell .to put a stop to it . but my self I hope to go in the first part .because the America they wont I do not . and millions will die . the over powering of our borders . would fit right in to this crap as well . looks like it is under way .

  2. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    The KIRK NOBLE BLOODSWORTH case in point. Bloodsworth was accused in the rape / murder of a child. There were no witnesses, but the extremely vague possible description fit Bloodsworth – sort of. The description was provided as a result of the described person being seen in the approximate area around the possible time of the crime. There was no good reason to suspect Bloodsworth. The ‘evidence’ was no evidence at all. The only thing that connected KIRK NOBLE BLOODSWORTH to the murder and rape of a young girl was the fact that a man supposedly similar in appearance to Bloodsworth was in the area at the time. I mean the case begins with a ridiculous evaluation of the un-evidence. Anyway – The cops sent the little girls clothing to the FBI LAB for semen DNA testing. The FBI reports came back – Yes Yes Yes – A perfect match. Just one problem – There was no match. For whatever imaginable reason, the FBI Lab lied about the match. The FBI has never described how or why the mistake occurred. Upon retesting the DNA after Bloodsworth spent years and years on DEATH ROW, a new match was made. This time the true suspect was identified and convicted, but not before the USA Criminal Prosecution System ruined an innocent man’s life. Today there are thousands on innocent people rotting in prisons in the USA because people who work in law enforcement wanted desperately for their version to be true. Damn the evidence – It was convenient to believe that the person listed on the police report was guilty, so the investigative effort was tailored around a false set of untrue ‘facts.’ We have a real mess in our criminal courts, and there is no light in sight.

  3. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Kirk Noble Bloodsworth was the first First Degree Murder (Death Penalty) case to be overturned through the use of DNA evidence testing in the United States of America. Lawyers and Judges tell lies. FBI Lab employees falsify evidence. Witnesses tell lies. Police Officers tell lies. Juries are like playing Russian Roulette. The Criminal Prosecution System is severely broken and cannot be fixed. There is no happy ending. We are at the mercy of a government that is dishonest and careless, and although it has a rear view mirror to examine its mistakes, it refuses to do so.

  4. DoyouReally WantToKnow

    one option would be EVERY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE ELECTED OR NOT CAN ONLY WORK AS GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE FOR MAXIMUM OF 8 YEARS …or even less this is a way of slowly tackling corruption … it should go with public persecution if such a crime is commited

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