5,500 illegal immigrants faked relations to children in 8 weeks, say U.S. officials

U.S. officials are finding an increasing number of fraudulent asylum claims in which foreigners are faking relationships with children to get admission to the U.S.

That’s according to an article in the Daily Mail.

The article profiles the case of a 51-year old Honduran man who allegedly purchased a baby for $80 in Guatemala. He reportedly confessed to the scheme after entering the U.S. on May 7 when he learned U.S. immigration authorities would require him to undergo a DNA test to prove his relation to the six-month-old boy.

U.S. agents have flagged 5,500 fraudulent “families” in the past eight weeks, according to the Daily Mail.

Under current U.S. policy, illegal immigrants who enter with a child are typically not detained. As the word has gotten out, it has created a black market for children being stolen, purchased or rented for use to cross the border.

The typical going rate for foreign children used by illegal immigrants is said to be between $100 and $1000.

Read more in the Daily Mail by clicking the link below.


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13 thoughts on “5,500 illegal immigrants faked relations to children in 8 weeks, say U.S. officials”

  1. Deport the false parents and send the kids to their home governments and let them find their true parents to re-unite them.

  2. Demokkkrats have always, until now, been against illegal aliens, the enacting and enforcement of laws that they wrote. What is the difference between then and now? They need bodies and they don’t care where they come from as long as they vote demokkkrat when told to vote.

  3. Deport the false parents, but maybe we should protect kids from their true parents if children were sold or rented in the first place?

  4. Will you have this report on your program this fall? We watch you on WSBT, Please keep up the good work, and it is good to see James Rosen with you. We wondered for a long time where he went. How is HIS lawsuit coming. Will either of yours ever get action?

  5. Why not arrest the illegal alien on the charge of Human Trafficking? After all, that is what they are doing.

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