Dmitriy Andreychenko, 20, arrested on terrorism-related charge

Dmitriy Andreychenko
Greene County Sheriff’s Office

Formal terrorism-related charges have been filed against a 20-year old man who allegedly was caught wearing body armor and carrying a loaded rifle with more than 100 rounds of ammunition at a Walmart in Springfield, Missouri.

However, according to NPR, police said they believe the man, Dmitriy Andreychenko, didn’t want to kill anyone but wished to cause chaos.

It is legal to carry a weapon out in the open in Missouri. However, gun owners are not allowed to display or use their weapons in a threatening manner, and some say that’s what Andreychenko was doing.

Andreychenko told police, “I wanted to know if that Walmart honored the 2nd Amendment.” He reportedly indicated he didn’t expect the reaction he got in Missouri. “I understand if we were somewhere else like New York or California, people would freak out,” read Andreychenko’s statement to police.

If convicted, Andreychenko faces four years in prison and/or a fine of $10,000.

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11 thoughts on “Dmitriy Andreychenko, 20, arrested on terrorism-related charge”

  1. Desmond J O'Neill

    As if the average Missourian wakes up and thinks, ‘if I see a screaming guy wearing body armour in the Walmart parking lot today, but I don’t see a weapon, well, I will just walk on by’.

    1. Where did she saying anything about him screaming?
      His actions wouldn’t be all that unusual in my part of the country, but they always make the tourists act in hilarious ways.
      She also didn’t say what he was charged with.

  2. The “poll” attached to this page: Who’s to blame for the hurt of children when their parents are arrested for illegal immigration, is not only not scientific but it is disingenuous in the way that it uses a LOADED reference — illegal immigration — that has been intentionally inflamed by our current leader-inspired political climate. Fact is US assylum law allows those seeking assylum protection no matter how they get into our country. Use of the illegal immigrant meme clusters all immigrants as if all the folks seeking protection from (US-provoked) violence are breaking the law does us all a disservice. How about a poll that asks if the current inhumane treatment of desperate immigrants at our southern border is intentional (malicious) or simply incompetent.

    1. raul L calzadilla

      According to you the USA is responsible for any and all bad things that happen in the world. Of course you are only an innocent and wise bystander who makes judgements without any responsibility or consequence of your opinions, which I presume and well founded on deep and long study of any and all things.
      You certainly wield some superior powers of judgement. You should run for president.

    2. All laws can be misused so the yada yada about “asylum protection” simply because these people have heard about the “free lunch” available in the United States is here for the taking is bogus. Why else would you have a cadre of Trump hating liberals telling those trying to get her illegally as if they had a right to go where they want to.
      We all know that the drug cartels have bought influence in Mexico and exploit people but liberals don’t really. care. The “end justifies the means ” is their mantra and anything that will destroy President Trump and denounce his supporters is OK. Go way with your BS

    3. Where the 9/11 hijackers illegal immigrants or terrorists doing harm to USA? How would you separate the sheep from the wolves?

  3. The ones to blame for the border problems are the ones who pay for and or pay for the caravans and the promises given of a free and easy life in the US. There is big money behind this invasion some from the US and some from international sources.

  4. Re: the “Who’s to blame for hurt children” poll– In Mr. Burgwin’s reply, (using an emotional-baiting term?: “assylum”) he offers no counter-argument and appears to believe that by creating a contradiction, with no supporting evidence– this is somehow an adequate challenge to a poll. Polls will always vary, and most often offer an opportunity to consider the characteristics of a position or an argument. Otherwise, polls are handily used by the media and politicians in order to promote either an agenda or increase awareness.
    I believe, in light of Ms Attkisson’s record as a journalist of merit, her motives are to increase awareness on a topic. In the best-case scenario, regarding polls—awareness is enhanced, and intelligent arguments may be cultivated.
    In a thrifty overview of the immigration policies of nation-states around the world, perhaps it is time to review the history of immigration policy, its pros and cons, and especially to properly assess the financial reasons for the mass migration of human beings. As a footnote, Woodrow Wilson(1913-1921) is on record stating that in allowing criminal elements from Italy to enter the US, was in hindsight, bad for this country. Proper vetting of parents and potential relatives at the border is a laborious initiative no doubt–and yet, if our border agents are disallowed the opportunity to properly investigate potential criminal activities–such as, children as a sex-trade financial scheme, then even the most compassionate people must realize that we as a nation are complicit in allowing this sort of criminal activity to persist. This is merely one area regarding immigration problems that is just now,
    in 2019, finally getting attention. Children have suffered throughout history, and so too have adults, as a result of financial tyranny. Perhaps it’s time to awaken to the root causes of inequity.

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