Epstein’s death just entered the hall of fame for conspiracy theories– rightly so

Before today, even a Hollywood movie about Jeffrey Epstein’s escapades and high profile friends would not have contemplated ending in his supposed suicide.

Too suspicious.

According to law enforcement sources quoted in the New York Post, there was a call for a reported cardiac arrest at the Manhattan Correctional Center just before 6:40 a.m. this morning. Authorities indicate Epstein had been found unconscious in his jail cell, and was rushed to the hospital where pronounced dead.

New documents in Epstein’s case were released Friday. There were reports he was considering providing information to authorities in an effort to shave time off any prison sentence.

Epstein, 66, was arrested on July 6 and accused of sexually abusing dozens of young, underage girls. It was widely speculated he held blackmail material and damaging information on countless powerful political figures, Hollywood personalities and rich people around the world.

He was jailed on July 18. Epstein asked the judge to allow him to await trial at home under house arrest with an electric monitor and 24/7 surveillance, but the judge said no.

Epstein likely believed his life was in danger. There was plenty of speculation he would never make it to trial.

Last month, on July 24, Epstein was rushed to a hospital after alleged suicide attempt in his New York jail cell. He’d reportedly been found on the floor “blue in the face” with marks on his neck. Medical officials reportedly concluded Epstein had attempted suicide. He was returned to his jail cell the same day under “suicide watch.” This means he should have been monitored 24/7 so that he would not be able to injure himself.

Although the July 24 incident was regarded as a suicide attempt, there was no public reporting as to what Epstein himself said about it.

At the time, Spencer Kevin, an attorney for several of Epstein’s alleged victims in a 2008 case, said Epstein’s life was “definitely in jeopardy.”

I question whether or not it was a true suicide attempt that Mr. Epstein was involved in in jail or whether or not there may be some powerful people who just don’t want him to talk…It’ll be interesting to see whether or not Mr. Epstein attempts again to get out on bail and if he does, whether he survives between now and the date of his trial.

Spencer Kuvin, Epstein victims’ attorney, July 30

In the 2008 case, Epstein was convicted of underage sex and exploitation charges in a plea deal that is being criticized as lenient. Among other terms, he served 13 months in prison and was allowed to leave custody during the day.

Epstein was previously found injured in his cell on July 24. Authorities reportedly placed him on suicide watch following a medical examination.


A few of the obvious questions in the aftermath of Epstein’s death include:

1. Considering the nature of the charges against him and the danger he faced, why wasn’t Epstein in special protective custody from the start with 24-hour cameras and security monitoring him in jail? Who makes such decisions?

2. Even if Epstein wasn’t carefully monitored initially, how could he have been returned to the same cell under “suicide watch,” yet end up dead?

3. What does the video that was monitoring Epstein’s jail cell show?

4. What did guards and other inmates see and hear?

5. What did Epstein supposedly use to commit suicide, since all items that could help an inmate accomplish that are supposed to be removed from the cell?

6. Who, specifically, was responsible for watching Epstein and ensuring he remained unharmed?

7. What, exactly, did Epstein tell his attorney and medical personnel after his reported suicide attempt last month? Was his interview recorded?

8. Is there any chance Epstein isn’t dead, but was put into witness protection?

9. Will there be an autopsy and will the results be released?

Part of the strange story surrounding Epstein’s death may be told in the coming days through the official response. Will we learn the names of those who surrounded Epstein in jail and those who were responsible for watching him? Will their testimony be released? Will they be held accountable?

After Epstein’s July arrest, Democrat political strategist Christine Pelosi, daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, tweeted a warning that it was “quite likely” that Epstein would implicate major political figures.

“This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice. It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may—whether on Republicans or Democrats.”

Christine Pelosi, Democrat strategist

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39 thoughts on “Epstein’s death just entered the hall of fame for conspiracy theories– rightly so”

  1. I find it very “convenient ” that some news reports tell of him being taken out in an opened body bag. He was either “suicided” or . ‘rescued and removed”. It’s undeniable that very powerful people want him dead or at least unreachable to authorities. Will we ever know the truth?

    1. And of course they removed his dignity garment (thin paper overalls -suicide watch protocol) and put his “dead” body into a standard issue orange prison jumpsuit.

  2. Yes, I thought the picture of him on the gurney looked photoshopped, and they didn’t cover his face, nor say he was ” Pronounced Dead” or when. It’s hard to imagine how under such tight security he could suicide or be killed. I think he could have been smuggled out by either side. Hopefully it is into witness protection so he can roll over even bigger criminals.

    1. “Death by Arkancide” has been a new legal classification since Slick Willie, the Priapic Prez, was still in the governor’s house in Little Rock.

  3. Right now, your Question Five is key. How did he do it? The longer that question goes unanswered the more suspicious his death will become.

  4. Just like Ken Lay, he’s probably been whisked off to another country, getting facial reconstructive surgery and he’ll live out his life in luxury, somewhere really nice, surrounded by teenaged sex slaves! Disgusting!

  5. The political figures Epstein dealt with reach some of the highest levels in Govt.
    Very important people were to be named, those who’ve been in politics for decades as well as Hollywood’s most elite. So many people that the public would know and revere,wanted him silenced.
    This is way to convenient for all those who were to be named. Without the slightest doubt, an inside job paid for by those with the most to lose.
    Offering someone with the ability to make this happen millions of dollars (more than they’d make in a lifetime) was just too easy to pass up .

  6. They will probably find a dead body for Epstein with similar traits to show as proof. We all know they’ve done it MANY times before. If in fact they allowed him to live in exile somewhere, just remember, the planet is not that big anymore since we have the internet. ‘FOR THERE IS NOTHING HIDDEN THAT WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED, AND NOTHING CONCEALED THAT WILL NOT BE BROUGHT TO LIGHT…”

  7. JE was the point man for an Israeli mossad Zionist intelligence operation.. the father of Ms. Maxwell was an Israeli superspy….who got too big for his britches and had to be silenced; the mossad made this happen.

      1. Do you read? You keep asking this question while the proof is everywhere. Please do research. This means YouTube, Twitter, and other places that info is readily available!

  8. I believe this man knew his destiny was to live his years out in prison. Was he negotiating for some place comfortable in exchange for giving up the dirt on others….other people with an extraordinary level of wealth and power? Who knows? Sheryl Attkisson, if you choose to investigate this mystery then I will help your cause financially

      1. I think we do, as well. I also agree with many comments here but we need to also consider that this man knew there were many many more lawsuits coming for his money. Just as Michael Jackson knew that there would be those that would never let up. They would continue on and on, to come for his precious money. He was offered the witness protection in exchange for information and he jumped at it. I do believe that more is going to come to light with all that were in contact with him and they are very high in the political world, as well as the entertainment business. Just my opinion.

    1. Thank you for reminding us, Hillary.

      When will we be told that this alleged suicide was cooked up by Trump’s inner circle so as to distract attention from his rumored plans to bomb sanctuary cities?

  9. In the photos of him on the gurney, as he was being wheeled into the emergency department, I noted his face showed bruising in front of behind his left ear. That is referred to as a “battle sign” in the medical field. It is known to occur when there has been basal injury to the brain, usually from a blow causing brain injury. I’m not clear why a hanging would cause this type of bruising. I hope the public is allowed to view the initial autopsy report with an explanation regarding the bruises.

    1. The photo is most likely to have been of Anthony Bourdain, not Jeffrey Epstein. The ear and the nose are not the same. But what you have to say about the marks on the face does explain what happened to Bourdain who supposedly suicided also.

  10. Thank you Sharyl for this succinct report. I look to you as a cross-check especially for these controversial, almost fictional, news items.

    One item I saw/heard yesterday was Mr. Epstein was taken off of suicide watch sometime (days?) earlier. It would be interesting to know if that assertion is true.


  12. Another case of highly contagious AVFSDS

    Acquired Vincent Foster Sudden Death Syndrome

    Could it have been the perp in the next door cell wanting a get out of jail and live well forever

    The mainstream press loved to lump Clinton and Trump together in their relationship to Epstein while Trump has minimal contact and Clinton was a frequent traveler on Epstein’s Lolita Express a super executive 737 with bedrooms luxury bathrooms and other intimate spaces . Clinton frequently toolk long trips (Africa , Asia) on the airplane and frequently required his security detail to make other arrangements despite ample space on the airplane.

    I believe that Clinton was also a visitor to Lolita Island. There are interviews with the women who agreed to testify against Epstein on the condition that the government would prosecute a slam dunk case . However, apparently on instructions from the same folks who touted the Steele Dossier , the feds agreed not to prosecute if Epstein would plead to a relatively minor additional state charge.

  13. I think from what I’ve read from statements given by other inmates there was no way to commit suicide in those cells ,
    There’s too many reasons it couldn’t
    have been a suicide
    He was murdered or in protective custody somewhere
    Notice how quiet Hollywood has been ?

  14. Here is another plausible scenario.

    This case was never meant to go to trial. The new arrest and incarceration was part of an elaborate scheme to get Epstein, an increasingly unstable liability to certain super-elites, out of the US and into a “Galt’s Gulch” situation.

    The reason they did not kill him is because he had a dead man switch. Someone entrusted by Epstein, perhaps Ghislaine Maxwell, who would release all damning information on the elites if he was harmed.

    The first suicide attempt, weeks ago, was “the set up”. Give people the impression that he was suicidal. After “the set-up” comes “the hook” and “the tale”. This is when the public bites on the narrative and the press perpetuates the same narrative. This short “Big Con” comes to fruition with “The Sting”, the culmination of all the planning with the new “suicide” and “the get-away”.

    Deflection and diversion is the key.

    The planners also have a “scape goat” in the Clintons, who most people assume had him “Arkancided”.

    Co-conspirators entered the cell and prepped Epstein, an alleged Mossad agent, with make-up to ashen his skin, and a ketamine anesthesia to make him unconscious and minimize his vital signs. Then they took him out in an ambulance, had a death certificate signed by a paid-off coroner, and moved him to a safe house as he awaits a flight to Israel, from which he has a passport and duel citizenship.

    He will be drinking Arak in a new Mediterranean Villa in Tel Aviv as soon as this news cycle runs it’s course in about 2 months.

    There were greater powers than the Clinton’s at hand in this.

    The Windsor family and Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, one of the most powerful families in the world, had to protect the monarchy. A one thousand year bloodline was soon to be irreparably marked in a scandal that could have brought down the crown due to Prince Andrews alleged insatiable appetite for young girls.

    Epstein had videos and witnesses to Prince Andrew’s and other elite’s transgressions. Had they killed Epstein, the evidence would have been dumped into the public domain. Hence, the arranged “suicide”.

  15. My question is, why is the public corruption department of the SDNY doing the investigation? Epstein was not on the public payroll. Or WAS He? Is that how he got out of the first conviction with a slap on the wrist?

  16. A few comments:
    1) Although I am not generally a conspiracy theory believer, if I was forced to believe in one, the JE suicide seems like a good candidate. It’s way more believable than most of the other nonsensical ones floated about in the last few years (Obama as Muslim, Obama as Muslim terrorist, pizzagate, jade helm, QAnon, etc.) if only because the number of people required to pull it off seems small. It seems to me that it was either one of the various conspiracy theories or gross incompetence. It should, therefore, be investigated fully. Most of the questions above are legitimate. I can only assume they will be part of the investigation. Since that investigation is ongoing, I will try to keep an open mind until it is finished. And I think that is the proper course for everyone.
    2) When I first heard about JE’s death, I predicted to my wife right then that the new conspiracy theory would be that Clinton was behind it. I wasn’t being completely serious, but it only took a few hours for my prediction to come true. I think it should give those promoting such theories some pause when someone like me is able to predict these things. Of course, it never occurred to me that JE would not really be dead. That is certainly an interesting, albeit highly unlikely to me, twist. Why Clinton and not someone else rumored to have been involved in Epstein’s “activities”? Because for some reason Clinton just seems to inspire this kind of thinking. This is fourth person that I’m aware of whose death Clinton has been accused of having had something to do with (Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Mark Rich, and JE). Not even Obama, who has been the target of some serious zero-evidence conspiracy theories, has been accused of murder. But I see that some are accusing the British Royal Family of complicity. So maybe Clinton isn’t that bad after all. Or at least someone is at least as bad.
    3) What strikes me about some of the posts in this thread is the detail and specificity of the theories. I see comments on body bags and neck bruises, and my first thought is that if this was perpetrated by Mossad or some other intelligence agency, why would they leave these clues around in plain sight? I always assumed they were better than that. If amateur detectives can see them, just think what the pros can do.
    4) I am also struck by the tone of certainty that the article and many of the comments have. The message is not “I wonder what happened” but seems to be “we know that there were unseen, evil forces at work – we just have to find out who they are”. Now skepticism is healthy, and a necessary trait for any reporter, and I applaud those with the ability and drive to figure these things out. They are doing a service for this country. But prejudging an outcome is not a good thing. It makes you see things that aren’t there.
    5) If this story is now in the “Conspiracy Hall of Fame” what happens to the numerous other such conspiracies? Is there a hierarchy out there?
    6) Could this conspiracy theory be true? Of course it could. But it is much more likely that there is a much more mundane explanation, such as the guards simply failing to do their duty, for what happened. And it is beyond irresponsible for any public official to promote such theories especially given that there is currently zero evidence to support them. But the real problem that I see is that current believers in this, or any other, conspiracy theory will not be deterred no matter what evidence is presented from the investigation. There will always be “one more thing”.

  17. What do I know, but isn’t it just strange that a person who attempted suicide is provided with a sheet that he supposedly used to commit suicide?
    No I went to public school in a town in Iowa of then 35,000 people where you were taught to think and to analyze.
    In Arlo Guthrie’s tale of being jailed for littering “Alice’s Restaurant” Guthrie notes that officer Obie took his wallet and belt because Obie didn’t want any hanging, and then took out the toilet seat so Arlo couldn’t hit himself over the head and drown in the toilet, and took out the toilet paper so Arlo couldn’t spread the bars apart and use the toilet paper to escape.
    But over 50 years later the high priced Federal Justice system gives a guy they claim attempted suicide a real sheet that could be used to hang himself.

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