Full Measure After Hours

A new podcast coming in September! Click the link below to hear what it’s all about!

Announcing the new “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” podcast! We start Season 5 of our weekly Sunday TV program on Sept. 8. 

Our new podcast will provide behind the scenes information and interviews on topics that powerful interests often don’t want discussed.

EP 001 | Full Measure After Hour… 

Check us out online at fullmeasure.news and click “about” for a list of TV stations and times.

Go to SharylAttkisson.com and click “Full Measure” to find out how to watch on demand on our STIRR app, or online anytime!


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3 thoughts on “Full Measure After Hours”

  1. Great courageous reporting!
    So good to know some reporters still adhere to ethical standards in their investigations and risk retaliation for providing evidence-based facts.

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