How do you view social media? Unscientific poll

(Updated: the original post left off the response: B and C)

The vast majority of you describe social media as something less than positive and genuine.

That’s according to the newest unscientific poll.

Eighty-one percent (81%) describe social media as “divisive,” “propaganda,” or both.

Nobody (0%) who answered our survey said they view social media as “realistic.”

The full poll results are below. Meantime, vote now in our new poll on the home page at! Look for the black box on the right sidebar or scroll down on the mobile site.

“I view social media as…”

0%: A. Realistic

11%: B. Divisive

13%: C. Propaganda

6%: A and C

4%: A and B

58%: B and C

8%: I don’t know

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13 thoughts on “How do you view social media? Unscientific poll”

  1. Of course it’s realistic, it’s also divisive and at times full of propaganda. A.B.&C.
    I wish it’s wasn’t necessary but the revenue$$ it generates is unfortunately unstoppable.

  2. Social media is a great source of information from trusted sources. A great source of propaganda from unreliable sources.

  3. I look at social media as very helpful. I don’t live and die by it, but it gives me an idea of what’s going on in people’s lives. It also keeps me in contact with others that I would never have the chance to visit with. I think it’s invaluable in that way. Sure there are some bad parts, but it’s helped keep me sane and not more isolated than I am. I pray for those people who are having a bad day or are sick or are missing. I also learn about things happening in my own community that are not on the news. Storm news, raging fires and where they are, wrecks that have happened and who was hurt, things like that. There are many good things about social media, it depends upon the outlook of the people using it, I guess. I steer clear of the bad directions and I choose the good ones. Anyone can do that.

  4. I tried social media (facebook) for a short time just before I took a vacation about 11 years or so ago. In short, it was a disappointing exercise for a variety of reasons, and I dropped my account. Never tried twitter or a variety of other social media (or anti-social) sites. They just don’t appeal to me. I’m 71, and I really have no close friends that use it. I have no friends in far flung corners of the world to keep in touch with. I have no use for all that stuff. I still call, write, or visit my friends.

  5. “I view social media as…”
    0%: A. Realistic
    11%: B. Divisive
    13%: C. Propaganda
    6%: A and C
    4%: A and B
    8%: I don’t know
    =================== Where does 81% Divisive come from? I only see 15%, and the total does not add to 100%. Where is the typo?
    I left off B and C which is 58% sorry

  6. ALL of Social Media, How do I view it? CAREFULLY. Most of the time I’m shaking my head. Let me change that Most of what on “Social Media” is ignore. Except for some people I have followed for years, Like Sharyl Attkisson.

  7. Under “I view social media as…” the percentages don’t add up to 100.

    In text above that you say, Eighty-one percent (81%) describe social media as “divisive,” “propaganda,” or both.

    So shouldn’t you list this as a 81% as B & C?

  8. Social, or more accurately, anti-social media is a gathering place for the least informed yet most vocal, along with those who seem to think that the whole world cares about their lives. Who then complain about people, governments and corporations invading their privacy.

    It’s a wonderful place for rumor and innuendo and gossip, stirring dissent and promoting hate. It provides a platform for stalkers and harassers and those with evil intent.

    I suspended my accounts over a year ago and don’t miss it at all. I’m even hesitant to comment in many comment sections due to the overwhelming number of people (at least I’m assuming they’re people) who are there for nothing other than to argue and try to intimidate others into their way of (non) thinking, and if they can’t intimidate them they try to silence them

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