Lies and Two-Tiered Justice in the Trump-Russia probe

Newly-obtained documents show why a Trump foe at the FBI wasn’t prosecuted for alleged lying, while Trump allies were.

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12 thoughts on “Lies and Two-Tiered Justice in the Trump-Russia probe”

  1. I think the disappointment so far is there was a Coup, there were high ranking officials and Foreigners involved, and they are not being arrested/punished (at this time) for the crimes they’ve committed. When you don’t have the MSM pushing these crimes but instead supporting the bad actors one just can’t help but think, They are going to get away with Sedition as well as destroying the lives of many other innocent families, because they wanted to GET Pres. Trump, and their crimes they worked for Donald Trump.

  2. Arthur Mark Shatz

    Justice may not be blind, but I sense cataracts and myopia. It is disturbing that people who have committed clear violations of law just walk away and collect their retirement benefits.

  3. Hello Sharyl,,,I have been a Follower of yours going back to Fast and Furious,,,I believe ALL of this ANTI Potus MSM is a “Smoke Screen” to cover up the REAL Crimes against Children,,,Ben Swann did a Report on Pi33a gate,,, but then he went silent,,, Megan @fox did a “PUFF” Piece to “Debunk” the Comet Ping Pong story that surfaced from the DNC E-mails,,, (NOT to be confused with HRC “Yoga” Emails) exposing the Satanic Pedo Connections worldwide,,,YES,,, I have gone down the Q rabbit Hole,,,after discovering how SCJ AS died hunting in Texas ,, I began following Q,,,Q has been written about by the FB media stream Yahoo trying to Spin the Truth WITHOUT exposing the Truth of “Seth Rich Gave DNC emails to Julian Assange,,,”NOT THE Russians”,,,then Seth was eliminated,,,,,Mueller testified to congress that He “WAS NOT FAMILIAR with Fusion GPS,,,”,,,??? TWO YEARS and, 32 million Dollars,,, He does NOT know this Basic Info,,,Police Officers in NYC are Dying because they Viewed the Huma Hubby (aka Carlos Danger) disgusting Lap Top,,, PLEASE expose the TRUTH,,, or PROVE Q WRONG,,,Thanks

  4. Highly placed people in the FBI and DOJ who commit crimes are rarely prosecuted because they know enough, or can find out enough, about their detractors to make their lives miserable. Why do you think J. Edgar Hoover was able to survive so many presidencies? He made extortion or the threat of it a weapon to intimidate his detractors, just like the cabal who used the Steele Dossier to accuse Trump and others of collusion with Russia and then used the Special Prosecutor to set up obstruction of justice traps for those with few resources with which to fight back. Only when these folks are prosecuted for treason will the American public have confidence that its government is of, by and for the people. Right now it is for the rich and well-connected.

    1. This type of injustice works best in darkness and anonymity. It is now out in the open, captured in an easily understood phrase, “Two-Tiered Justice”. Like “politically correct”, Marxist terminology, or “Fake News”, Trump terminology, it captures the essence of the argument, making it easier to define, debate, and dispatch. My question now is how are they still getting away with it in broad daylight?

  5. Coup 2.0, following the successful hijacking of the US Government during the Cheney-Bush era, though one could argue that Reagan’s crew came pretty damn close with the help of Ollie North. But, then, the real coup was the corporate takeover of the government that supercedes and endures either party’s moments as the reigning puppets on the puppet stage.

  6. Judicial Watch is doing a better job of investigating supposed Russian collusion by candidate Trump than DOJ. There must be a lot of HClinton supporters still in DOJ, FBI, State Dept. Who are they really working for? Why are they still there?

  7. Thank you once again, Ms Attkisson, for carrying the torch for authentic journalism and intelligent inquiry. In this age of disinformation-misinformation-and no real news to report(except that advertising sponsors seem to direct what gets covered,i.e., ratings equals dollars), is it any wonder that we are in the midst of apprising what justice truly means in a “just” society? The idea of fairness is not a new ideal, nor one which is merely cultivated among religious idealogues–and yet, “the best justice money can buy” still applies in the age of mass media 24/7. Historically speaking, the evidence for the cultural divide and class structure in the US has changed little in 100 years,i.e., the wealthiest citizens often seem to avoid prosecution (and their minions as well) as a power-base is maintained and the status quo remains unchallenged. The power of money is a corrupting influence, and the quote–“absolute power corrupts absolutely” still seems to apply. Ethical integrity must be cultivated at the individual level, and then infiltrate the local state governments if we wish to see a healthier and fairer society evolve. As for the calamities in Washington, DC?…still much House-cleaning to be done.

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