Top 5 conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s death

The New York Medical Examiner has ruled Jeffrey’s Epstein’s death to be a suicide by hanging.

That determination came today. Epstein’s suicide was first reported Saturday.

Epstein, a convicted sex offender, faced, new charges of sex trafficking involving underaged girls.

Read about the Jeffrey Epstein sex documents and photos

It’s been reported two prison guards have been suspended and a warden reassigned amid an investigation into how Epstein could have managed to commit suicide while under supervision.

Many conspiracy theories about Epstein’s death have been circulating. Here are the top five:

  1. Powerful people arranged for Epstein to be murdered in his cell to prevent him from revealing blackmail information.
  2. Other inmates executed a plan to murder Epstein because he was accused of trafficking children for sex, and that’s unforgivable even among hardened criminals.
  3. The feds staged Epstein’s suicide and spirited him away for his own protection. He is actually in a secret witness protection program and will reappear later to testify against famous and powerful people.
  4. Powerful, corrupt people broke out Epstein. He has changed his identity and will never been seen in public again.
  5. The purported photo of Epstein being wheeled into the hospital is actually a photo of the deceased celebrity Anthony Bourdain.
Conspiracy theory photos circulating on Twitter

The Medical Examiner’s official findings are not necessarily going to quell the rumors. Shortly after the conclusion was announced, Epstein’s lawyers indicated they did not accept it. They said they intend to launch their own investigation and “are prepared to sue to obtain surveillance video of the area near the accused sex trafficker’s cell at the time of his death.”

We are not satisfied with the conclusions.

Epstein attorneys Martin G. Weinberg, Reid Weingarten and Michael Miller

Read more about the Medical Examiner’s findings on Epstein’s death and his attorneys’ response by clicking the link below:

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33 thoughts on “Top 5 conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s death”

  1. Samantha Hiiggins

    Actually the “deceased Epstein” looks identical to Hillary Clinton’s brother. who died last month. On Twitter, do a search for “Epstein, Hillary’s brother”…

    1. Samantha Hiiggins

      Also here is Judge Jeanene interviewing a well respected physician who says it’s just not possible, the story we are told. In fact, its so obviously a lie thhat I wonder if we are being given a message – look, the powers that be can and do get away with whatever they want and there is nothing you can do, including theorizing about it (given that it is now pretty much illegal per this recent FBI memo:

  2. You need to break down theory #1 into sub-theories. Many people think the Clintons did it, but I find that to be way too easy! The assumption is that whoever did it was trying to protect themselves from the findings of Epstein’s pending trial, but that assumption may be incorrect. The following theory of mine is mere speculation, but does fit the facts quite well, bearing in mind that Trump’s mind does work in mysterious ways at the best of times! What if Epstein was foolish enough to have tricked Prince Andrew into doing something “over the line” and then was using that to extort money or some kind of control over the Royal Family? At any rate, Prince Andrew’s involvement poses a major problem for the Queen. Unlike any other POTUS in recent history, Trump’s mother was British (Scottish) and she adored the Queen. Trump fondly recalls watching the Queen’s coronation with his mother, 66 years ago. I’m wondering if Trump had Epstein killed as a way of somehow, in his mind, making his mother proud by protecting her beloved Queen from further shame/embarrassment resulting from Epstein’s possible revelations at trial? The level of cover up and whitewash relating to Epstein’s death really does seem to require a sitting POTUS to be on board. It is, I think, beyond the reach of the Clintons.

  3. Broken neck bones?

    Would like a doctor to explain ‘how much force’ is needed to break those bones. And if a person with a bed sheet around their neck, with somewhat limited ability to move, could break their own neck bones in the manner that Epstein did.

    1. No need. Looks they know it themselves, that it is logical question, if they are professionals.
      But think that all other idiots and will it the “obvious” lie.
      Also “obvious” – wonderful word they think that can hide facts behind this empty word.
      Because everybody repeat and repeat this word without any really important obvious facts.
      My e-mail is not so big secret and I clearly understand…But not want give it for editor here from Principe! Because this only: [email protected]

  4. Why isn’t DNA employed to determine the identity of the corpse? Now it’s too late because
    somebody took the corpse.

  5. By now, the Klinton Krime Kartel must have invested in the Bates Casket Co, in Arkansas and in the company that manufactures body bags. Talk about supplying a market!

  6. I have it on good authority that Epstein is in a maximum security cell, very deep in a WV mountain, with Bin Laden on one side and a very old Jimmy Hoffa on the other side.

  7. The guards were caught lying about what they did during their shift. Pull that thread to unravel the mystery.

  8. “conspiracy theory” is inappropriate and irresponsible, except as a judgemental dismissive perjorative;
    “theory” is sufficient and accurate.
    “conspiracies” are a common type of theory as conspiracies themselves are common and necesssary. When anything competitive and/or complex is involved, conspiracies are usually involved, esp when any plan includes something potentially negative to the person(s)/org(s) involved.

    Conspiracies are the normal course of worldly operation, at work, in business, in politics, and most certainly in crime and criminal investigations.
    From your coworkers to middle managers to organized crime to the world leaders and corporations, all conspire (exclusive and/or quiet and/or secret) alliances, arrangements, and actions to accomplish their missions.
    This guy’s sex rings involved conspiracies. Conspiracy to commit murder is a common crime, conspiracy to commit fraud is a common crime, conspiracies to illegally get kids into fancy colleges happens.
    Conspiracies are daily, everywhere. In its simplest terms, it means people ganging up quietly and/or secretly.
    In this case, “theory” is accurate, sufficient and appropriate. it is the evolution of a hypothesis, but with some evidence to back it up.
    In this case, “conspiracy” is a type of those theories, and almost necessarily so as the issue involved lots of people, crimes, death, and secret intelligence operations and lots of potential hi-profile negative outcomes.
    “Conspiracy theory” is simply inappropriate, as it is in most any rational communication, esp from an “investigative journalist”.

    1. I agree that the term “conspiracy theory” has momentum in our culture and when it is invoked, it carries baggage with it. But (without speaking for Mrs. Attkisson:) I think she understands this well. She’s spoken about this term before noting that it is sometimes used to silence criticism. With regard to her investigative journalism (which you put in quotes): assuming good faith on your part, I think you’re rushing to judgement before considering her work. She had countless great stories during her time at CBS. I think if you read her lastest two books, you would understand that she is exceptional.

    2. Daniel,
      If you read Sharyl’s magnificent book “The Smear,” she covers this – including the shaping of the narrative around the term “conspiracy theory” by the CIA, etc. in detail at the beginning.

  9. I was not surprised at him getting whacked its not nice to fool Ma Clinton.I see another guy got whacked that was going to testify about the Clinton crime family they claim he killed himself.Yeah right.

    1. Definitely. Of course that doesn’t in itself prove anything – I think Epstein also had motive to kill himself – but certainly it would be in a lot of powerful people’s best interest if Epstein died before testifying – either murder, or tweaking the jail conditions so he could do in himself. In either case, a conspiracy of some sort appears to be the most parsimonious explanation. Multiple layers of bureaucratic incompetence combined with all the “coincidences” of time seems far less likely to me.

      1. Samantha Hiiggins

        It doesn’t sense that Epstein killed himself. Besides it being impossible physically given the circumstances, the timing doesn’t make sense either. He found out in July that he wouldn’t be getting bailed out – so why did he wait until the 10th of August to throw in the towel? Why did he tell his atty’s “See you Sunday”, and why according to friends who visited him, was he in good spirits and receiving private visits from a attractive young female “attorney”, and why wouldn’t he wait until he had tried to get out of the charges as he has in the past? He would at least hae waited to see if his lawyers could pull some strings like last time.

  10. … to reiterate Daniel’s comment:

    ” “conspiracy theory” is inappropriate and irresponsible, except as a judgemental dismissive perjorative;
    “theory” is sufficient and accurate.”

  11. Ventura Capitalist

    Sid Blumenthal supervised the suicide watch.
    Noted forensic pathologist Lanny Davis consulted in the autopsy.

  12. The CIA’s Secret Heart Attack Gun
    “A CIA secret weapon used for assassination shoots a small poison dart to cause a heart attack, as explained in Congressional testimony in the video. The dart from this secret CIA weapon can penetrate clothing and leave nothing but a tiny red dot on the skin. On penetration of the deadly dart, the individual targeted for assassination may feel as if bitten by a mosquito, or they may not feel anything at all. The poisonous dart completely disintegrates upon entering the target. The lethal poison then rapidly enters the bloodstream causing a heart attack. Once the damage is done, the poison denatures quickly, so that an autopsy is very unlikely to detect that the heart attack resulted from anything other than natural causes”
    – these poisons are well-known by most pharmacologists [medication experts]
    – drugs from this family are often used in anesthesia
    – there are known murder cases where the drugs were used
    These drugs work by freezing the breathing muscles
    – with no oxygen, the victim loses consciousness
    – and the heart stops [cardiac arrest]
    – Epstein’s cause of death was cardiac arrest
    – quote from guard on scene: “Breathe, Epstein, breathe”

  13. “4. Powerful, corrupt people broke out Epstein. He has changed his identity and will never been seen in public again”.
    – Very possible. Plus 20 copies of computerate information on corrupted individuals as electronic copies ready for publication in internet, if idiots really will tried to kill him. So great mathematic counted each step before with all combinations. Some secret friends for example do only
    some clicks and everybody will in excrement by neck or more. If so, looks no any reason to kill him, of course. MODERATOR ADD IT AS NUMBER 6. But it is all NOT conspiracy, BUT HELP FOR REAL INVESTIGATION OF THE TRUE. AND IT IS MORE than only the fortune of Mr. Epstein. Myself I simply want to know some more reality about the world we have on this earth (and may be it can help other young girls to do right choice they really want from the beginning…).
    …For fun too, It is a lot very deep, but unfortunately black humor only. Praise the Lord Jesus for His patience to this world! To safe His people from eternal sufferings.
    P.S. Additionally. What you think about Aaron Russ related information? (See his conversation with David Rockefeller, video and transcript in internet).

  14. As usual, this article is thorough and succinct. I appreciate it greatly.

    What I am very interested in is whether all of this interest in Mr. Epstein is because “the media” thought they could get something on Mr. Trump if they re-opened the “can of worms?” Mr. Epstein has been dodging the pedophile-trafficker bullet for 20 years. Even given his brush with FL law enforcement there were persistent, rampant “Lolita Express” rumors. I think certainly one interesting and relatively unexplored issue is, how much of this came up because the media wanted something on Mr. Trump.

    Shifting topics one last time, a few days ago someone asked, what difference does it make how Mr. Epstein died. My answer to that question is philosophical. I see this case as a sad exposure of justice in America. It’s important that Mr. Epstein gets justice that is more than a “slap on the wrist” for the heinous activity he was involved in or an assassination when in the custody of the justice system. In any case the Justice system in the Big Apple is as glaring as “Serpico” where Mr Epstein was not protected in prison, or allowed to get off the hook once again.

    1. Samantha Hiiggins

      It’s also an important insight into the state of the media, the coverage of how” he “died”. As well, the ability for us to think critically is challenged: why is no video footage of ANYTHING being released? Why has no one asked about DNA evidence? Etc.

      But as for your other point, I’ve thought since the beginning that this comes at a strange time unless you consider that the Russagate thing fizzled just prior to this story exploding, and i do believe that this is a last ditch effort to hang something on Trump that could get him kicked out of office. Now the media isn’t covering the story at all because Clinton and Prince Andrew are actually the ones being hanged by this (although a dutiful media is covering it up). If Trump had taken 26 flights on Lolita, we’d be hearing about this story as much as we have to hear about racism, Trump and the latest “shooting”.

  15. What I think is more interesting is the majority of Americans, (42%), think it was murder.
    Fewer and fewer people are buying what MSM is selling.

    Also interesting, the FBI put out a memo about how conspiracy theories were a threat a few weeks ago.

  16. This guy questions whether they ever even had Epstein in custody, since there are no photos of the current arrest (the photo the media shows is from his previous arrest in FL) and there are no photos of him in the courtroom, only drawings that don’t actually look like him:

    “In our Winter Watch post of July 31, “Is ‘Jeffrey Epstein’ Being Subjected to Star Chamber Sleight of Hand?,” we laid out our case for the theory that it was not actually Epstein in prison at all. There were no photos of his arrest, booking or court appearances — only court sketches of proceedings that depict someone who doesn’t match his description, but rather someone with a thick and heavy neck. A deputy who saw Epstein after his first “suicide attempt” described him as 5’10” and 240 pounds. Yet, Epstein’s arrest record shows him as 6’0″ 180 pounds. Quite a disparity.”

    Last night, in her opening monologue, Judge Jeanine basically pointed out that the federal government was protecting Epstein when he was first arrested in FL. She said it was a local case and that in an “unprecedented” manner, the federal govt. got involved, which is when Acosta came on the scene and arranged the sweetheart deal. Given the background of the federal govt. clearly protecting this guy, I really don’t trust anything they say on this issue. The govt. and media are both completely corrupt.

    Dr, Steve Piezcenik says the Epstein operation was most likely a joint CIA/Mossad blackmail operation to control politicians behind the scenes:

    Given William Barr’s history with the CIA and his involvement with the coverup of Iran Contra and his involvement with the coverup of Lockerbie and blaming/framing Libya with false evidence (more here:, I have no hope that he will get to the truth of the matter.

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