Unscientific poll: 2020 nominees

About an equal percentage of you believe the 2020 Democratic nominee is already running as believe he/she has not yet announced.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

Forty-three percent (43%) said the nominee is already in the running. Forty-six percent (46%) think the nominee has not announced yet. You can see the full poll results below.

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The eventual (D) nominee for President in 2020:

43%: Is already running

46%: Has not yet announced

11%: I’m not sure

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8 thoughts on “Unscientific poll: 2020 nominees”

  1. While you are in the poll taking mood. Why not attempt to find out how many folks are aware of what “SES” is or what “SERCO” actually is.
    Or if the world wide “”Mafia” is still operating.

  2. Given DEMs use of distraction as campaign strategy, Michelle Obama may be behind the Dem curtain waiting for her cue from the strategists who got her husband elected to come out and save the day for the Dems. She wanted to fundamentally change the US. Her husband tried but President Trump is reversing course. In comes Michelle to finish the job. Ugh!!!

    1. “Her?” There is nothing that they can do to stop the Awakening. Trump will win with at least an 80-20 margin in the popular vote and may sweep the whole electoral college. No more voter fraud, so easy win.

  3. WestcoastDeplorable

    I think it’s much too early to matter much, but for some strange reason the DNC sure doesn’t want Tulsi Gabbard on that stage (especially Ms Harris!).

    1. I think it’s pretty crappy Tulsi Gabbard went to serve her country and the DNC said, “Ummm…nope. You cannot return to the debate stage.” Too bad. I rather like her. She is definately not bat shit crazy. I don’t think her troops would respect her if she startes in with the whole climate change, cow farts, ridiculous tax hikes, free everything for all, plus she is consistent – her statements, and pretty close to center with a very slight left lean. She also is the most diverse candidate the DNC could ask for-
      1. Female,
      2.Hindu/Catholic/Yoga meditation,
      3. 4 ethnicities,
      4. believes in simple “green” policies like pick up the trash, keep environment free from harmful sources that would poison the water supply, and basic personal responsibilities we should all contribute to keep our communities clean. This directly correlates with her belief in God, Jesus, and the Hindu religions combined.
      5. First female service member (Major) with 2 tours in Iraq. Led to her stern belief America shouldn’t go to war (“conflicts”) over regime changes- especially 19 yr old wars, believing going to war should be with a clear purpose, strategy, and mission. (I agree, so does President Trump. Hard to pull out after three Presidents sucked us into Iraq (Jr hit Iraq because Sr began the stir up, didn’t get his 2nd term, so he failed. Obama “Mr. I’m pulling out” kept the “conflicts” going. Maybe he was referring to the other, “I promise I’m going to pull out”? She does however believe we should end these conflicts and just smoke the terrorists who waged war against America and then get the hell out of Policing the world.
      6. Her medical coverage for all isn’t leftist nutso.
      7. Seems to be solid on her belief of
      non-discrimination. Not sure her stance on the new Trans movement or late term/birth term abortions.
      8. Well rounded, speaks well and with knowledge, doesn’t play identity politics, doesn’t apologize or pander, refuses donations from PACs, began in politics from her City, to State, to Congress- putting her service to her country first, as well as serving others. From early on in her political career, her values, viewpoints, and goals haven’t changed. That is refreshing. She does not seem to have an agenda, she isn’t fake, speaks truth like it or not and take it or leave it. Hell, FoxNews often brings her on for her thoughts on the current status of the DNC, and Tucker loves her as well- added bonus.
      9. She doesn’t participate in foolishness, rampant in her party, particularly coming from the other females in Congress.
      10. Doesn’t participate in the conspiracy theories, genuinely wanting to do her job and push legislation through for the American citizens -the ones who put her in office, as well as the rest of Americans.
      11. For my next positive on Tulsi, I want to hear nothing on sexism, racism, any isms, any phobias, any ridiculous “triggering” BS responses or critiques. She is way better looking!
      **With all the above admiration and qualifications, 2020 isn’t her year. I do not believe she is as far left needed for a 2020 potential win. Tulsi (thankfully) just isn’t a far enough leftist needed for a DNC/DSNC to gain the votes from the majority of her Party’s about left turn- however, she could steal many votes away from President Trump by being a centrist with a slight left lean. Unfortunately, President Trump would crush her in the debates. Maybe she will run as an independent- guaranteeing a #KAG win, and as practice for a Presidential run in 2024.
      President Trump will still win 2020.

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