Unscientific Poll: Is America more divided than ever?

About 55% of the public thinks America’s divisions are primarily isolated to the media or Washington D.C. and the states of New York and California.

That’s according to our latest poll here at SharylAttkisson.com.

A significant minority, 40%, says America actually is more divided than ever.

The full poll results are below.

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Is America more divided than ever?

40% Yes

5% No

42% Only in the media

13% Only in NY, DC and Calif.

<1% None of the above/Unsure

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8 thoughts on “Unscientific Poll: Is America more divided than ever?”

  1. In an age when journalists are now reporting as commentators, you are still doing it the right way. I appreciate your work. Thank you.

  2. I find USA much more open to equality since Trump took office. He has opened up discussion in ways this issue has never done before. Not racist at all. We have for Urey time many blacks defending whites and whites defending blacks. Open honest discussion to get facts Right and not be lead by the al sharpens or msnbc of this country. The black and white and Latino and Hispanic and Asians and American Indians etc coming together under trump is greater than ever before. When trump said “what have you got to lose” I think this was the turning point to lose the victimhood and join the dream of possibilities. Unfortunately because many Dem so focused on vote before unification, this has been obstructed along the way. But slowly we are getting there. We all bleed red white and blue. We do not bleed different colors.

  3. People were divided during Civil War more. The division hyped by media and socialist(?) lefties may be more manufactured. I’m trying to decide how much influence (money) is pouring into their cause from enemies outside our country to bring down democracy in US. Young people want freedom to express themselves. They are being misguided through education(?)/indoctrination in schools to believe that socialism/communism will give them freedom. Just ask any older person who fled from Stalin, Mao, Castro, Hitler.

  4. Jeffery Wayne Tartt

    No, not at all. I grew up in the Sixties. I remember riots, police everywhere, seemed like all the time. The Only division I see is the one the Media fabricates. Keep up the great work Sharyl!

  5. As a historian and writer, I do believe the news media, Big Tech clickbait algorithms, DC lobby, and Hollywood are most responsible for the divisions. Sure we disagree about all kinds of things, but in day-to-day-life – I live in Las Vegas but travel a lot – the vast majority of us get along just fine and respect our differences. I DO think things were more divided during the 1960s and during the Civil War, as other readers noted. But I DO also worry that the news media’s death rattle combined with Big Tech algorithms could make things worse before they get better. We need to rise above.

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