Unscientific poll: should Trump be impeached?

The vast majority of you do not think President Trump should be impeached.

That’s according to the newest SharylAttkisson.com unscientific poll.

Ninety-seven (97%) percent of respondents say “no” to impeachment.

Only 2% of you think impeachment is appropriate, and another 1% are unsure of whether or not impeachment is necessary.

The full poll results are below. Meantime, vote now in our new poll on the home page at SharylAttkisson.com! Look for the black box on the right sidebar or scroll down on the mobile site.

Should Trump be impeached?

Yes (2%)

No (97%)

Not sure (1%)

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5 thoughts on “Unscientific poll: should Trump be impeached?”

  1. it is very refreshing to have found your journalism. i have watched your program for a while and I am very proud to say i do not know your political leanings.. the mark of a real journalist. not an empty compliment.

  2. I agree with the net result of this poll but, to be honest, the mention of Sharyl Attkisson’s name probably sends liberals running to their safe spaces. So, I doubt that any of the their admittedly irrelevant input is included in the results of this unscientific survey.

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