Unscientific poll: what happened to Jeffrey Epstein?

Over half of respondents (57%) believe Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.

That’s according to the newest SharylAttkisson.com unscientific poll.

Forty-three (43%) of respondents have other theories as to what happened to Epstein, but no respondents (0%) believe he died of natural causes.

The full poll results are below. Meantime, vote now in our new poll on the home page at SharylAttkisson.com! Look for the black box on the right sidebar or scroll down on the mobile site.

Jeffrey Epstein…

Committed suicide (8%)

Was murdered (57%)

Is in witness protection (16%)

Died a natural death (0%)

I don’t know (19%)

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22 thoughts on “Unscientific poll: what happened to Jeffrey Epstein?”

  1. Broken bones on Epstein’s neck are being reported as being consistent with being choked to death by another person. Unless this is fake reporting, Epstein was killed.

    1. From what I have read, the likelihood of your scenario playing out is 94% possible based findings from prior instances where such bones were broken in a crime scene

  2. Has it been reported how he was found? Hanging from what? Broken bones in his neck does not sound right. If someone is going to kill themselves by strangulation they are simply getting something tight enough to cut off the blood to their carotid arteries in their neck until they pass out and then they pass away after their brain has been starved of oxygen. Breaking bones in their next makes you think that they jumped down from a height and the sudden stop broke the bones. How high could he get in his cell? What attachment point was he using? I’ve heard there were none. Something definitely doesn’t sound right.

  3. Yes, I agree mostly with you guys & gals,
    Epstein was either carted -away & a look a like was put on the gurney and wheeled out.
    Remember Jeffrey’s visit from prince Andrew while locked away.
    The elites could have easily planned his death/suicide or faked it .

    You can’t get a good look at him because his face is covered by an oxygen face mask.
    Yes, the dead man shown has grey hair is about the same age as Epstein, about the same build,weight, & height too. Could be a look a like though double & Eppy is safely zipped away from the populace.
    No more hub bub, & it takes the heat off of him , He may be playing dead but, not really dead yet.

  4. He was murdered but so what. Whoever killed him did society a favor. Trouble is now he can’t rat on some very big BIG SHOTS. He was silenced. No doubt.

  5. He was murdered. So what. One less child molester. Whoever killed him did society a favor. Trouble is now he can’t rat on some Big Wig. He was silenced.

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