White House proposes billion dollar foreign aid cut

President Trump addressing a crowd at the White House.

The White House has proposed a budget cut for foreign aid of about $4 billion, says Roll Call. This large amount of money is reportedly part of unspent funds that may have already been appropriated.

Roll Call says Democrats in Congress are arguing that cutting these funds will cause further tension between the White House and Democrat-led Committees in the House of Representative, particularly with Congressional committees specifically assigned to handle funding and oversight.

Such action would be precedent-setting and a direct affront to the separation of powers principle upon which our nation was built… As leaders of the Congressional Committees with oversight responsibility for U.S. foreign policy and the appropriate resourcing and execution of development and diplomacy programs, we would be compelled to use all the tools at our disposal to respond appropriately, should such action be taken.

House Foreign Affairs and Senate Foreign Relations Committees to White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and acting OMB Director Russell Vought.

The White House has reportedly said it will exempt certain programs from the budget cut, including some global health programs and programs dedicated to women’s economic development.

You can read more about the budget cut here: $4 billion budget cut.

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