5G and cell phone safety: What’s the truth?

5G technology promises to make our mobile phones faster and better than ever. It’s now being deployed across the U.S.

But some scientists argue there are serious safety concerns from cancer to reproductive issues.

This week on Full Measure, we set out to separate fact from fiction. We consulted scientific studies, top scientists and the best wireless industry representatives.

See what we found out Sunday in our cover story.

Also this week, Joce Sterman looks into an interesting health problem looming in America: a future shortage of doctors.

Scott Thuman goes to the iconic Iowa fair to talk political turkey.

And I’ll have some new information regarding my Freedom of Information Act request for documents related to the Jeffrey Epstein death.

We always promise original, off-narrative reporting that invites you to make up your own mind.

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2 thoughts on “5G and cell phone safety: What’s the truth?”

  1. Love that you are looking into 5G – so important to note how it is untested for safety and not allowed by the FCC to be questioned about health effects. Thousands of scientists worldwide have called into question the safety concerns of 5G and a body of independent peer reviewed science has emerged and it looks like emf’s from the close proximity wireless towers will do more damage to human physiology and our environment.
    I understand there is a lot of money at stake promoting this 5G technological infrastructure, a few people have much to gain financially etc. But there is a completely workable middle ground and that would be to use fiber optic cable;; cable to the business, cable to the home.
    I hope in your piece it becomes apparent that this is a multi, multi- layered infrastructure that needs to have all sides taken into account, engineering, environment, technology, legality and in my opinion health effects ; short term and long term.

    Thank you.

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