Global border conflicts

It’s not just the U.S. Southern border.

There’s a mass exodus of migrants from Africa, the Mideast and Central America to the U.S. and Europe.

Sunday on Full Measure, Scott Thuman will take us to a hot spot in Northern Africa where a geographical quirk creates a land border between Africa and the Europe. It’s a destination for illegal immigrants from Africa who want to reach Europe, including some with terrorist ties. A simple hop of the fence and they’re in Europe, entitled to move freely within the nations of the European Union.

Also Sunday, I’ll take you to Ireland as the establishment in Great Britain and Europe work to scuttle Brexit– the British vote to exit the European Union. We’ll explain why Ireland has a special dilemma in the whole mess.

Our trip to scenic Northern Ireland
With Full Measure cameraman Bryan (left) and investigative producer David (right) at Northern Ireland Parliament
We stopped by the Queen’s residence in Northern Ireland while we were passing through. She wasn’t home.

We’ll have a fascinating interview with the co-founder of Wikipedia who left the online encyclopedia due to its bias, conflicts of interest, agenda editing and other problems. He’ll tell us what we should all be looking for next in the online encyclopedia world, and he’ll introduce us to “Everipedia.”

Finally, we’ll have an exclusive update on Fast and Furious, and an interesting note from the history files about the Titanic.

We promise we will never rehash news you’ve already heard all week.

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4 thoughts on “Global border conflicts”

  1. Wish you would reconsider attaching “illegal” to every person trying to immigrate / seek asylum / escaping war, drought and famine. What makes it illegal if they cannot get across a border? According to US Asylum Law, for instance (as I understand it), asylum seekers are not automatically illegal and can seek asylum from within our borders no matter how they find their ways in. They are supposed to be protected.

    1. So, you want to let them all in and take over our country? Time to stop this as we can not afford them. We have our own who are going without. You are trying to give away what we have worked very hard to achieve. They can do the same. I am not being hard hearted it is just the facts. Our health care system can’t handle them I sure can’t help with that as I am on low income myself. You people ask to much of us.

    2. Asylum is to be sought at the nearest border to the country they are fleeing. Running through Mexico (which would be a safe place) is not asylum seekers–its invaders. Big difference that you are overlooking on purpose for another agenda.

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