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5 thoughts on “Indicting a Sandwich (Podcast)”

  1. Another bipartisan aka interadministration(s) protective ineptitude / corruption. But, damn, we’re gonna throw the book at Assange and Snowden and Manning and and and …for exposing the corruption.

  2. The leaks were always going to be their (FBI’s) undoing. There are clear crimes by the FBI with serious enough consequences. It’s amazing the results that have been achieved from a single and almost inconsequential leak about the reopening of the Clinton Foundation investigation. They pinned the leak on Page who used her texts to protect herself. Now the leak is pinned on McCabe who has already exposed himself by lying about it earlier. I actually believe McCabe is not lying about Comey authorizing the leak. The only question is whether or not he can prove it. Just like with Page, the attempt to prove that Comey authorized the leak will involve revealing a whole lot more evidence of the entire scheme. It’s a beautiful thing to watch them turn on themselves. It is slow and methodical but very effective.

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