Media Bias: Fact or Fiction? The Video

Here’s the video of the Paley Center Media Bias panel from Tues. Sept. 17.

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In Person:
Sharyl Attkisson, Author; Host, Full Measure
Angelo Carusone, President, Media Matters 
Tim Graham, Director of Media Analysis, Media Research Center
Michelle Malkin, Commentator and Author 
Christine Quinn, Politician and Commentator 
Brian Stelter, Host, Reliable Sources, CNN 
Moderator: Marie Hardin, Dean, Bellisario College of Communications, Penn State University

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7 thoughts on “Media Bias: Fact or Fiction? The Video”

  1. I just watched the “Media Bias” panel discussion you participated in at the Paley Center. Thank you for being an important voice of reason. Keep on!

  2. What I found most disturbing were Carusone’s comments which I paraphrase as saying that the media is supposed to “digest” the plethora of news events on behalf of the public. I interpreted his statements as if he was saying that the general public is not smart enough to “digest” events so journalism has to go far beyond “stenography” of events. Big thank you to Attkisson for counteracting his remarks in a logical and classy way.

    As a member of the general public I classify mainstream media as any form of media with more than 2 million REGULAR viewers or subscribers i.e. Fox, CNN, NBC, NYT, ABC
    I guess it all comes down to a simple but very difficult decision which is would a person rather be: “A rich journalist selling the agenda of an institution?” or “An unaffluent journalist stating only the facts?”

  3. I really don’t know why the continually outraged Quinn is doing on that panel? She’s just pushing her personal agenda there and is NOT a journalist. She should appear on that same sex-attracted person’s show on msnbc. Quinn is an OBNOXIOUS and ARROGANT.

    1. In that whole panel, Attkisson was the only one who actually acted like a professional and unbiased journalist. I also got the impression that she was the only one who genuinely spoke in defense of the “common folk”. Ironically, I think the others on that panel have forgotten that journalists are in many ways public servants – not our overlords.

  4. Hi Sharyl,

    The video says it’s “no longer available.” Is it geo-restricted to the U.S. for some reason, or was it inadvertently deleted?

    Looks like a fascinating talk, though!


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