What are the year’s most censored stories?

I am pleased to have written the forward to the latest edition of Project Censored’s most censored news stories: Through the Looking Glass.

Description below:

The establishment media can make us sick of news even as we’re starving for it. If we aren’t careful, we’ll end up like Alice, swimming in a sea of our own tears. The magic mirrors of clickbait-driven reporting, pundits’ 24/7 “hot takes,” and social media feeds governed by secret algorithms leave us with distorted or even inverted representations of reality. 

The diverse contributors to Censored 2020 call out and oppose these distortions, defying those who would create a wonderland where narrow self-interest, rather than factually-grounded reality, serves as truth’s primary arbiter.

Censored 2020 scrutinizes the looking-glass logic of the corporate media—where imaginary threats outweigh real existential crises, privacy is a luxury, and consent must be manufactured at all costs—and it celebrates the work of independent journalists and news organizations who courageously refocus our vision on the type of news we need to act as engaged community members and informed citizens.

Censored 2020 demonstrates that the best independent journalism is constructive as well as critical—not only exposing dire problems, but also uniting communities to take action.


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4 thoughts on “What are the year’s most censored stories?”

  1. Thank you for your book, STONEWALLED. I could not put it down until I finished it. Having lived through that era as a frustrated citizen aware of the significant abuse of power taking place, I was relieved to see the events remembered and described in detail by a JOURNALIST. Yes, some of us are THINKING, Sharyl! Many of us physically recoiled when we heard the man at the top of the “ least transparent” administration in our country’s history say “LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR…!” Thank you again for YOUR story of the scandals that permeated this country from 2008-2016. (The scandals continued to the end of Barack Hussein Obama’s time in office, and, as we all have seen, are still a blight on this nation through the perpetuation of his appointments and ideology— perhaps those of his predecessors also)

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