Border control… without help from the feds (PODCAST)

In this episode, Sharyl and investigative producer Daniel Steinberger talk about their trip to the Southern border where they found one county in Arizona taking care of business without federal funds or federal agents. We also talk about what we saw in terms of new border walls and fencing. (CLICK THE ARROW AT THE AUDIO LINK BELOW TO PLAY.)

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5 thoughts on “Border control… without help from the feds (PODCAST)”

  1. You folks deserve to be the “fastest growing” podcast. Full Measure is an excellent show (too bad it couldn’t be an hour long…) and this “After Hours” podcast helps to expand and thresh the information a bit more. I like listening to it. God bless.

  2. Hey Sharyl
    First thank you for your work it is amazin? Is there another way to watch theses podcast without going through the gatekeeper Apple ironic right I am typing this from a iPhone suffice it to say if there were another phone that is not evil as Apple I would I prefer to not go through the App Store ” gatekeeper” to do anything besides they cut me off of updating due to the age….. Of my phone! God bless you you are sooo beautiful thank you for being strong! Richard

    1. Thank you yes. You can listen (these are audio only) on my website. Go to the Podcast tab and they are all listed right there. Click the arrow on the player when you click into the particular podcast story you want to hear. It’s also on Spotify and other distributors besides apple.

    2. I agree 100%! I have Android phone. I am not always where I can access your website on PC and I don’t use web browser on my phone. Why don’t you make your podcasts available on PodcastAddict like many, many others?

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