Border control without the feds, big money or high tech

Sunset on the border in Cochise County, Arizona

Nearly every move President Trump has tried to make to tighten up the southern U.S. border has been met with opposition and legal challenges.

So some border towns have been left to find their own way to protect their communities. And it turns out necessity is the mother of invention!

During my most recent reporting trip to the border, I found an Arizona County that recently devised and deployed an inexpensive, simple system to stop drug traffic. Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels says it’s been so effective that it’s nearly shut down drug trafficking in notorious hot spots.

The secret is a system of motion detecting game cameras. How could that make such a difference?

Cochise County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Dannels with Full Measure

We’ll explain in our cover story investigation on Sunday’s Full Measure.

I also have a very timely interview with Howie Kurtz, Fox News media critic and author of the book “Media Madness.” He’ll dig into the psychology and pathology behind media mistakes and bias in the era of Trump.

And we’ll bring you a fascinating report by Scott Thuman on the U.S. effort to destroy our last stockpiles of chemical weapons of mass destruction. It’s a time consuming and dangerous process that few outsiders have seen.

We hope you’ll check us out!

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