Most approve of Trump decision to withdraw U.S. troops

It’s unclear how much most of us, as Americans, really know about what’s happening between the U.S., Syria, Turkey, the Kurds, China and Russia. But our latest unscientific poll finds plenty of people have opinions.

Seventy-five percent (86%) of respondents say they approve, at least partly, of President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

The full results are below. Meantime answer our latest poll on the home page! Look for the black box on the right sidebar or scroll way down on the mobile site.

Do you approve of Trump decision to withdraw US troops from Syria?

75% Yes

7% No

11% Partly

7% Not sure/Don’t know

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7 thoughts on “Most approve of Trump decision to withdraw U.S. troops”

  1. This is exactly why Uneducated simple minded public should not vote or hold public office. The 75% are the same ones that approved of Bush attacking Saddam Hussain and removing him. How many approve of Trump Sending troops to Saudi Arabia. As Hired Guns no less. We are leaving a lasting legacy in the world where our Allies will not trust us anymore. This is a stain on our reputation.
    Who wanted us to pull out anyway? The joint Chiefs? NO. The GOP? NO. The Democrats? NO. The Kurds? Our steadfast allies in the fight against ISIS. No. Putin and Erdogan. Yes.

    1. this is us, ordinary folks, who don’t want any wars. please try to interprete the poll’s information for what it says, OK?

  2. raul L calzadilla

    In a Democratic Republic like ours “everybody votes”, you don’t get to choose the educated in a particular field, you don’t get to exclude the Communists and snowflakes, etc. We cannot leave these decisions to the military as that right belongs in civilians hands. That is the intent of our system.
    We choose our representatives and in the last election it was President Donald Trump, It is the will of the people under our system and he has a mandate from those who voted for him to choose his actions “execute” our will. as best he sees it.
    For those who don’t like and actually hate and dislike our President Trump, remember that there many other millions who support and love him.
    Under eight long years under Obama, I a millions of others like me, suffered and disliked him for his actions and believes which clearly showed, to me, that he did not love America but hated it and wished to destroy much of our great nation.

  3. Hopefully, this is not the next step up the strategic ladder following the failed regime-change invasion by the US. Now, a NATO ally will go to war with Syria, slaughter our Kurd allies in the process, and then when Syria fights back, we’ll have to go help our NATO bully.

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