Pew: Social media often makes people mad but amuses, too

There is interesting, new research from Pew regarding how we feel about our social media.

First, most people say social media does not accurately reflect reality.

Social media users are often amused, but also often angered.

Younger social media users are more likely to say the interactions leave them feeling lonely or depressed.

Most say people frequently engage in drama and exaggeration, and engage without having all the facts.

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2 thoughts on “Pew: Social media often makes people mad but amuses, too”

  1. Like all things leaning left, “social” media is a misnomer. Things like Twitter and Facebook are “antisocial” media. These media isolate you by enticing you to pay more attention to a inanimate device rather than the live human next to you. These media drive you insane by censoring what you can read and comments you wish to make, in essence gagging you. These media control your feelings about yourself by describing you as abnormal if you disagree with them. These media control their product by firing employees who do not espouse their opinions and dare to disagree with management political/social opinions. Therefore, I quit social media until they quit being controlling and allow users the freedom to think for themselves.

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