Puerto Rico: hurricane relief, fraud, and FBI arrests

Finding out how much U.S. tax money has actually been sent to the territory of Puerto Rico for hurricane recovery… and where it’s gone… is no easy task. This week, Full Measure tackles that challenge with a trip to the island.

One of our scenic views on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico

How much aid has really gotten to the Puerto Ricans who need it? And why have so many Puerto Rican officials and contractors been arrested by the FBI?

We’ll also tell you why the FBI has arrested some Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials. Watch our cover story investigation Sunday on Full Measure.

UT Professor Alberto Martinez helps Full Measure dissect the hurricane aid numbers in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico resident Brenda Castro lives in a house that was mostly destroyed, but has received no federal assistance

Also this week, what happens to all of the people who cross into the U.S. illegally — once they’re released? They often have no money, no phone and can’t speak English.

Some of them go to volunteer refugee centers for help. We take you inside one such center in Arizona where we speak to a woman who says she jumped the fence that very morning with her disabled son. 

Another story we will report pierces the veil of secrecy when it comes to who really writes the laws you have to follow in the state where you live. (It’s not pretty.)

And from our trip to Northern Ireland, an interesting footnote about the Titanic! Learn how to find our program below!

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7 thoughts on “Puerto Rico: hurricane relief, fraud, and FBI arrests”

  1. Hello, Ms Attkisson… I’m still waiting for a full accounting of the $6 Billion that Hillary’s State Dept. ‘mysteriously’ um… ‘lost’ during her tenure as Secretary of State. That’s around 25% of the budget while she was holding that post.

    Sure, there was some mumbling about poorly administered ‘contracts’ and other excuses, but I’m not buying it. More likely all those funds were mis-appropriated, but to what? If you could take a look at that situation, I think an investigation is in order. Thanks for all the great work you do!!

  2. Great expose’ — will have to check out the podcast! Also, is there an easy way to share these on Facebook? Maybe I’m just not seeing something. Thanks and keep up the great investigations!

    1. I was also thinking that a lot of the citizens of Puerto Rico were “activated” by the way Vieques was treated by the US military, so could that have played a factor? Looks like it’s also worthy of investigation!

  3. I am a whistleblower who was down in PR. Here were two articles about my tram and our efforts. I have more information from other whistleblowers still there if you are interested. We have also been working with reps Jim Jordan and Jennifer Gonzales Colon as well as POGO. There is a much bigger story.



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