Read: Letter by ISIS al-Baghdadi hostage Kayla Mueller

Kayla Mueller, a humanitarian aid volunteer from Arizona, was captured in Syria and held hostage by ISIS and its leader, al-Baghdadi. Her death was confirmed in February 2015.

Al-Baghdadi was confirmed dead after he reportedly blew himself up with a suicide vest during a raid by U.S. forces this weekend.

Other Americans were among a rash of beheadings by the Islamic extremist terrorist group around the time of Mueller’s death. They include another aid worker named Peter Kassig and journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

Mueller wrote the below letter to her family while she was held prisoner.

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6 thoughts on “Read: Letter by ISIS al-Baghdadi hostage Kayla Mueller”

  1. The blood is on Obama’s hands….he let that damn terrorist go. We may never overcome the harm done to this country by Barry Soetoro.

  2. I would like for Kayla to be remembered for her strength and how she tried to help her fellow human beings. What an amazing woman. May her family find peace and peace with their beloved Kayla one day down the road.

    1. Thnk you for this, sharing kayla’s thoughts, expressions and feelings. Her soul is/was strong and healthy. She was humbled and true to God our Father. May her journey home and spirit thereafter be now, your source of love, forgiveness of the evilness of humanity knowing it is not in our justice or hate that will free your burdens of Kayla’s pain, abuse and death.
      God bless every breath and heartbeat you use,
      And hereafter…
      In Christio,
      Know you are prayed for. In God we Trust

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