Some Democrats worry Trump impeachment effort will cause them to lose the House in 2020

The following is an excerpt from an article in the liberal publication The Atlantic.

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her blessing to an impeachment inquiry three weeks ago, she also laid down a marker: The investigation wouldn’t center on any of the issues that Democrats have obsessed over for the last three years. Not Russian interference, or emoluments, or security clearances, or family separation. Impeachment would be about Ukraine—and only about Ukraine…

Some moderate lawmakers and rank-and-file Democrats—many of whom were reticent to support impeachment to begin with—are intent on keeping the focus of the inquiry as narrow as possible, as it is now under Pelosi’s direction. They’re worried that straying from Trump’s Ukraine-related offenses could create the appearance of a partisan fishing expedition…

The current plan is for Democrats, led by the House Intelligence Committee, to continue gathering information about Trump’s request of Ukraine through witness testimony and subpoenaed documents; today, Democrats plan to question the former ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor. Then, after reviewing the evidence, the Judiciary Committee will decide if there are grounds for impeachment. If so, committee members will write the articles—a list of reasons why they think the president should be removed from office—and present them to the full House for a vote. Former President Andrew Johnson, for example, faced a total of 11 articles, spanning from his violation of the Tenure of Office Act to bringing “contempt, ridicule and disgrace” to the presidency. By contrast, former President Bill Clinton faced two: for lying under oath and obstruction of justice. If the House votes to approve any of the individual articles, Trump will be formally impeached, and his case will go to the Senate for trial…

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3 thoughts on “Some Democrats worry Trump impeachment effort will cause them to lose the House in 2020”

  1. Mrs. Attkisson

    First, thank you for your work on our behalf. Second, I noted an article that discussed FBI spying on some high number of citizens. Any news on your investigation? third, I would enjoy seeing the word “alleged” in Trumps’ alleged Ukranian related offenses — In the lexicon of normal MSM articles, that word is unknown. I say this noting the fact” almost everything” we have been hearing from this debacle is hearsay –
    At Your Service
    Raven6 65 – 93

  2. yes and should they loose the house . all the doors will be wide open . to hold them for all the crap they have done over the last 10 yr . and even back to the Clintons from there start . and with that the so called deep state will be rip apart . and the cleaning out the swamp will begin . with the crap the DNC is doing . there shoting them self’s in the foot and the back . the American’s are not as dumb as the demco-rates (jackasses ) has always thought. and jest maybe 20/20 will show them that .

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