When polls are fake news (PODCAST)

When we dig into one recent poll on President Trump’s impeachment, we find a lot more than what made headlines.

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6 thoughts on “When polls are fake news (PODCAST)”

  1. conrad quagliaroli

    FEEDBACK-This site is confusing. I don’t see the article I was looking for,and don’t know if I have to pay or join or donate.to see it.

    1. The “story” was a clear link to an audio story topical to the story headline.

      You might have missed it, OR your web browser set up might not be rendering the audio player properly.

      Copy and paste the web page address in another browser, and see if you can then play the story.

  2. Hi, I took a look at your article titled 95 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era and noticed that you left out the claim by the media that the transcript of the Ukraine conversation was resently changed to being stored on a top secret new service when the service was used for private conversations with other world leaders since spring 2018 because of leaks.

  3. Are pools really good for our country. What would be the effect of an election without pools . Maybe take away political spin, manipulation, and tell the people what they want to hear., instead of what they really believe. People could stop participating and they would end. MOVEMENT

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