Your billions spent on New Orleans after Katrina…well spent?

Fourteen years after Hurricane Katrina, mass amounts of federal tax money has been spent to protect New Orleans from a repeat disaster.

More than 1800 people died as a result of the 2005 storm.

Among the funds devoted to help are $19 billion for what amounts to the largest civil engineering project in U.S. history. Among other improvements, the city’s levees have been reinforced.

Lisa Fletcher followed the money to New Orleans and found two important things.

First, some say that’s not enough money and that the levees will need continual improvements at additional cost.

Second, some experts say it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” the new and improved levees will fail.

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Also on this week’s program, when you hear the debate over immigration and illegal immigration, you often hear cries of “racism.” It turns out that very debate is familiar in Europe, as well, as Europe deals with repercussions of mass immigration from mostly Muslim countries, creating a culture clash in many areas.

Sharyl in London with Eric Kaufman, author of “White Shift”

I’ll talk to an author and professor who describes himself as a “liberal” but says some on his side are unfairly using the slur “racist” against those who have very different reasons they oppose mass uncontrolled immigration. He has suggestions on ways to bridge the divide.

And I’ll take you to one of the happiest places on earth. (Hint: it’s in Scandinavia.) #hygge

Desperately seeking “hygge” in Copenhagen, Denmark

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