Baby Swap: Switched at birth or stolen? Friday on ABC 20/20

“Swapped baby” Arlena Twigg

It’s one of the most heart wrenching and incredible stories I’ve ever reported. I started covering it in 1988 while a local news reporter in Tampa, Florida at the then-CBS affiliate WTVT. It’s “the baby swap case.”

I revisited this amazing story in 1993 when I worked at CBS News. A nurse who worked at the hospital where the swap occurred confessed to me that the baby swap was no accident.

Watch video promo of the ABC story

Now, ABC’s 20/20 is updating this story with new information. The report airs Friday Nov. 29 at 9pm. The producers interviewed me as well as other reporters and many people involved in the story– first and foremost: the “swapped baby” Kimberly Mays.

Watch Switched at Birth or Stolen? on ABC Fri. Nov. 29, 9pm.

Under the category of “it’s a small world,” a friend of my Dad’s is attorney Arthur Ginsburg. I attended school with is daughter. He represented a father in the baby swap, Bob Mays, and is interviewed in the ABC 20/20 story.

Also interviewed, a friend of mine from Florida, an attorney named Dan Moody, whose firm represented nurse Patsy Webb who confessed to me, on her death bed, that the babies were intentionally swapped. (Moody’s wife Nancy is friend of mine from childhood.

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7 thoughts on “Baby Swap: Switched at birth or stolen? Friday on ABC 20/20”

  1. The swap was a terrible thing But………. I think its more horrific that no one seemed to care about the other little girl who died.

  2. This was the most confusing episode of 20/20 I’ve ever watched. Kimberly was shown as two different people, one blonde, slender girl and one dark haired heavy set girl. Which one is the real Kimberly? Ridiculous coverage of this story!

    1. I hear you. It was actually even more confusing than that, they did a pretty good job sorting through it but even then… Both people were Kimberly. The blonde young skinny one was Kimberly as a child, ages 9-12 years old. The older heavier Kimberly was her today, I believe probably in her 40s. There were a lot of confusing things with names, moms, children deceased and alive…

      1. Sharyl, Thank you for my attention which I saw the comment were mixed up. Pretty Sad when I saw her comment under this one that I had to red flag. My understand it was not her fault and Arlena Twigg were not understand going on after Arlena died after complications heart surgeron.

        Much easier to understand I understand.. which I am deaf mother of grown daughters. I realated situation over my daughter during that year. Pretty sad Kimberely struggled with attention,.TV Media issues and family lawsuit the hospital.. No one fault. Hospital claimed it was their fault not parent’s dealing with wrong family. The reason, why Hospital for their reason why they are responisble and pretty much doctor’s fault for lying and switched with baby’s heart were failuring after birth first place?

  3. Sharyl,
    I want you to know the respect I have for you as a truth seeker and reporter.
    God’s blessings upon truth and may it continue to spill forth.
    God bless this girl.

  4. Obviously it was a deliberate ‘baby stealing’ at the expense of Regina and Ernest Twigg. HOWEVER, since it is apparent the Mays family organized the switch I believe that the little girl who passed away ‘ Arlena’ was given a better home with the Twigg family than going to the Mays. Even if your baby is born unhealthy who would do this to their own child. The doctor and nurses played God. Because of the little girl’s fragile health they put a huge burden on the entire Twigg family-the other children included.

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