Blexit: The Black exit from the Democrat party (PODCAST)

Why aren’t traditional liberals’ movements away from the Democrat party getting much news coverage? I explore with investigative reporter Daniel Steinberger. Click the audio player below.

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6 thoughts on “Blexit: The Black exit from the Democrat party (PODCAST)”

  1. Why are you using the Republican headtrip meme used by the Cheney-Bush-ites. To my knowledge there is no organization, let alone political party, that is registered or referred to as the Democrat Party, except by Republican assets always trying to confuse the issues rather than solve them. I had you pegged for slightly right of center in your mostly objective journalistic slant. I am not a party guy, but/and this completely undermines any integrity / credibility I thought you had.

    1. ‘Not a party guy’ but somehow is butthurt when a couple letters are left off of a party that is not, and never has been ‘democratic’.


  2. Music behind the conversation is distracting.

    There are a few Black Conservative groups on FB and they are pretty sharp. Perhaps we are more aware than the DC elites because we live in a very integrated community.

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