Blexit: the Black Exit from the Democrat party

Twice on Full Measure, I’ve profiled the anti-Trump Resistance.

Click the link to watch my report on the anti-Trump Resistance:

This Sunday on Full Measure, we look at another political movement: Blexit. Organizer Candace Owens leads what she calls the “black exit from the Democrat party.” We also talk to the leader of another group encouraging traditional constituents of Democrats to “walk away” from the party.

James Rosen joins us this week with a fascinating interview. Energy Secretary Rick Perry wouldn’t talk to Democrats in the impeachment effort behind closed doors. Find out what he had to say when he sat down with James.

And Scott Thuman interviews an ISIS war bride. Can’t wait to see you then!

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6 thoughts on “Blexit: the Black Exit from the Democrat party”

  1. John Adams – 1775- 244 years ago.
    Very applicable even now and probably more so.

    “But a Constitution of government once changed from freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost for ever. When the people once surrender their rights in the legislature , and the right of defending the limitations upon the government, and of resisting every encroachment upon them, they can NEVER regain it.

    1. Well said. Thank you. Indoctrination of youth in schools and on social media will never allow your viewpoint to be taught. Wonder how these young people would feel about restricting their social time on internet like China will enforce on their youth. Heard this news once on TV. Media is not reporting about dictatorial Chinese government doing this. MSM must have buried this story.

  2. Only reason Bloomberg is entering Democrat presidential candidate race is to get voters who may vote for Trump and who may leave Democrat party in disgust at Democrat candidates embracing communist socialism. These voters, usually elderly, know evils of European communistic form of government. Socialism is a benign word for dictatorial type of government Democrats want to impose on USA.

  3. Several things that I have researched have been driving me crazy. First, I had no idea how much damage Obama did to this country. HE left in his wake, many “Landmines for Trump”, and the people. Focusing on the ACA isn’t nearly as damaging as the Tier #2 part of the ACA that was passed just a week after the ACA passed. Tier#2 was called the “Health & Education Reconciliation Act “, which is another example how Congress puts Fluffy Names on Legislation, TO DECEIVE US. It has had BY FAR, the most long term devastation., because it mandated Student Loans be taken over the the Federal government, and away from the private sector. Shortly thereafter, universities, started “Licking their chops”, and have been raising tuition’s every year,ever since, at irresponsible rates. That combined with so many ” worthless degrees” and liberal teachings, it is a disgrace. There have already been 2 million students “Renig on their loans”. That is $ 60 BILLION $$$$ we tax payers are ALREADY, on the hook for. That program needs to be CANCELED, and Asap. So Obama didn’t “Spread the wealth”, he did major damage to we the people, , by “Speading this DEBT”, and it is only going to get much worse.
    The other is GEORGE SOROS. This guy has his money in everything and working with OBAMA, and many other radicals, he has effected elections, funded the illegal caravan’s, just help flip Virginia to all BLUE, along with Bloomberg, is involved with foreign leaders ( that put up with his “OPEN SOCIETY MISSION “, and, along with his 2 Radical, Hedge Fund running , sons, are Destroying this country. He should be Indited, Assets Frozen, and thrown in Jail. He has been “Banned” from 6 countries already, including : The Phillipines, Hungary (his homeland ),Poland, Turkey, & Russia. That should tell you everything you need to know. This Guy is World Cancer !!!!!!!!, Of course the Chinese government would assassinate him on the spot. Obama is his buddy which should tell U all.
    Lastly – The ORR – Office of Refugee Relocation in DC, needs to be ABOLISHED. Obama, and Bush, as we speak, have placed 59,000 Somalia’s in Minneapolis,MN, over 100,000 middle east Muslims in Dearborn, and Detroit, MI., NYC is over run with Obnoctious radicals,and this has to stop, or 10 years from NOW, this Country is GONE. JUST GONE.

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