Denmark’s surprising anti-Muslim political movement (PODCAST)

We discuss the controversial rise of anti-Muslim politician Rasmus Paludan in Denmark. His rhetoric and the sometimes violent responses to it by Muslims in Denmark have prompted American-like debates about immigration and free speech. Investigative producer David Bernknopf was with me in Denmark reporting on the story and joins me for the conversation.

NOTE: Regarding the discussion about 8:00 into the podcast, the answer is: English writer Evelyn Beatrice Hall, who wrote under the name Stephen G. Tallentyre, and the quote is often misattributed to Voltaire.

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9 thoughts on “Denmark’s surprising anti-Muslim political movement (PODCAST)”

  1. Stopped listening at “far-right”.
    And the guy is a snob, a pseud.
    NO-ONE outside the Danes says CopenHaagen.
    My Danish friends, speaking to me, say Hagen.

  2. Please stop with the background music. Makes it more difficult with people like me who has hearing loss. Plus, its obnoxious.

    1. I too have hearing loss. If I were the decision maker about having background music I would need a LOT of convincing to have it there. Perhaps others with hearing loss are different than me, but I have learned over the years to be able to focus on one thing and tune other things out.
      Drives my wife crazy. LOL. VERY challenging in a noisy room with a crowd. Not so much on this podcast. I usually have headphones on, to not disturb the rest of the family because of the volume necessary for me to hear it clearly. I am a huge fan of all that Miss Sharyl does. Very much enjoy the content. So very little news reporting with ANY integrity happens these days. No doubt the founding fathers would be shocked at how far we have strayed.

  3. Sheryl, Thanks for all you do. My concern is assimilation into any country by any person wishing to be a part of that country.


  4. Thank you so much for providing the podcast, and for your journalism.
    There are so few news outlets that have any basis in reality that I feel like I’m in the USSR. Keep up the good work, stay safe, and good luck with your legal endeavors!

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