Impeachment Lesson: The Swamp Bites Back (PODCAST)

People can debate what the public testimony against President Trump revealed.

But I think it revealed how State Department diplomats unapologetically and brazenly substitute their own opinions and judgements for that of the president’s.

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12 thoughts on “Impeachment Lesson: The Swamp Bites Back (PODCAST)”

  1. Didn’t see an arrow to click (next to the word, “Anchor”?). Tried various possibilities (the 3 horizontal lines and the word, “feature”) but nothing loaded on my PC.

  2. This is a very refreshing perspective well thought out. Your opinion is free of partisan rhetoric and is just simply stating the facts with assessment. I heard an assessment of Jeffrey Epstein on how he got most of his money early in his game as a consultant to a Ponzi scheme. I think the politicians that are part of the intertwining octopus of the swamp operate in the same way. It’s like they’re a bunch of big black magicians and they wanna put a spell on everybody by saying something loud enough until the masses believe it’s true. To paraphrase Carl Jung, “we have to differentiate ourselves out of the mass consciousness and become connected to our true inner identity so we can stand against the schemes of the devil!”

  3. Thank you, Sharyl, for your clear and accurate analysis. Great podcast as usual and so refreshing! Shows up the political motivations of the mainstream media by default.

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