Important stuff you didn’t know about Ukraine (PODCAST)

I’ll bet this podcast reveals lots of things you didn’t know about Ukraine. According to combat veteran and combat journalist Nolan Peterson:

There’s a shooting war going on today between Ukrainians and Russians.

Ukraine doesn’t technically rely on US aid, lethal or otherwise, because they make so many of their own weapons. A temporary delay of US aid would have made no difference to Ukraine’s day-to-day defenses in terms of weapons at their disposal.

The reason Russia says it invaded Ukraine is not the real reason Russia invaded Ukraine.

Foreign aid to Ukraine should be conditional and come with expectations.

We also talk about the impeachment effort and President Trump’s views on Ukraine.

Listen to the podcast by clicking the arrow in the audio box below.

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12 thoughts on “Important stuff you didn’t know about Ukraine (PODCAST)”

  1. Great pod cast…. please get rid of the background loop.. really distracting.. your conversation doesn’t need the background”noise”.

  2. It would be excellent if you could find someone from the eastern Russian speaking side of the civil war to get their take. Reading the Unz Review and The Saker one gets a different perspective then the one Nolan Peterson gave.

  3. Janet R. Woodworth

    Very informative pod cast . More people need to this information ,I will definitely be sharing . Thank you for your continued attempt to get the truth out there.

  4. Excellent and important information in the Ukraine podcast discussion. I’m certain most Americans don’t realize there is actual military confrontations taking place in Eastern Ukraine between Ukrainians and Russians.

    Why don’t we know more?

    If our National News Media chooses not to cover real military actions taking place in Eastern Ukraine and cover the military buildup of forces in Poland and in the Baltic countries maybe Full Measure should present the story. It would open many eyes.

    Do you think the US Govt is suppressing media coverage of the current Ukrainian – Russian military actions?

  5. Your guest has omitted the imperial and financial aspects of the conflict. Global finance wants to get their hands on Ukraine’s vast agricultural lands to grow toxic GMOs. They want to frack and exploit Ukraine. They want to deprive Russia of its industrial base and educated populace. The US actually invaded Ukraine. The war is between separatists in the eastern provinces, and neo fascists in western Ukraine, not Russia. Russia has a legitimate interest in stability and trade with countries on its borders.
    Your guest is laughably churning out the ´freedom and democracy´ propaganda line. What a load. Look at how much freedom and democracy US military has brought to Syria, Libya, Honduras, etc etc.
    Ukraine USAID monies have been stolen in the billions, some used for weapons transfers to the Mideast. US and Ukrainian officials have been laundering money on a grand scale and looting the wealth of the country.
    No mention of Azov battalion, significant omission. US is funding Nazis in Ukraine. This interview shows how military training is not good training for journalists.

  6. Think there is more to this story than freeing Ukraine. Ukraine is being said to be a hub for HUMAN TRAFFICKING, MONEY LAUNDERING and corruption. Ukraine needs to be cleansed from the D.U.M.B.S. Much abuse much corruption. Russia is stopping the abuse and cleaning up corruption..
    Many Ukrainians have died from the COMMUNISM/NAZI invasion. Many children have been killed.
    Civilians have been put on the front lines of the conflict with out any military experiences. UKRAINE was taken over by the CABAL in 2012. Much information exposed.

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