Most Americans oppose govt.-only health care.

Only 17% of Americans say private health insurance should be banned.

That’s according to a recent national survey by

By an overwhelming margin, respondents said if the federal government offers a national health insurance plan, Americans should still have the choice of buying private insurance. Eighty-three percent (83%) took this stance.

Broken down by party affiliation, the view that private insurance is needed no matter what is shared by 86% of Republicans, 83% of Independents and 80% of Democrats.

Forty-seven percent (47%) of respondents also said they think that if all Americans were required to buy their health insurance from the federal government, the cost of medical care would go up. Just 29% believe it would go down.

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3 thoughts on “Most Americans oppose govt.-only health care.”

  1. What is heard about Canadian & British government provided healthcare is that there are long waits to get surgery. It may be “free” like EWarren hops around saying, but the availability of what EWarren proposes to what we have now in US is substandard. BObama’s health plan increased cost of healthcare for families with working parents. Elderly people, like me, lost families physician’s care because doctors are go into expensive private concierge service. Government health care is costly and rations affordable healthcare. Like BObama said about old people—give them an aspirin., ie, old people should die and relieve society of them because they are a burden on society. Dems are fools.

  2. WHY ON EARTH would we trust CONGRESS – that dysfunctional and partisan bunch – to have MORE control over our Health Care? Especially when they have Gold Plated plans that they will KEEP while the rest of us are foisted onto inferior plans?

    We need to resist this – and not let Congress into the Doctor’s office with us! The consequences will be devastating. Write and call your Representatives now!

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