POLL: Epstein murder more likely than suicide

We haven’t heard much lately on the investigation into the death of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in a New York prison.

At last word, authorities were supposed to look into matters such as how he came to be removed from suicide watch, how the cameras that were supposed to be surveilling him failed, and how guards apparently fell asleep on the job.

The prison system is still withholding public documents I have requested under Freedom of Information law.

And in recent days, two forensic examiners have given their opinion that Epstein’s injuries were more consistent with murder than suicide.

Now, a new poll from Rasmussen indicates most Americans agree with these two forensic examiners.

Only 29% of American adults say Epstein actually committed suicide while in jail.

Forty-two percent (42%) say they believe Epstein was murdered to prevent him from testifying against powerful people.

Almost one in three, 29%, indicated they are undecided. 

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3 thoughts on “POLL: Epstein murder more likely than suicide”

  1. So true. Epstein was killed at the behest of the DEEP STATE and government bureaucrats to make sure the truth about the sexual perversions of extremely prominent people world wide would never be revealed. It’s a federal cover up just like the JFK investigation. Why would the Federal Bureau of Prisons ever investigate itself and find itself guilty? It’s the perfect crime. Remember the outcome of the Las Vegas mass shootings. Silence is golden.

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