REPORT: CBS fires ABC whistleblower

A New York Magazine/HuffPost contributor has published some hot information about whoever leaked the incendiary video of an ABC reporter saying the network quashed her investigative reporting into sex offender Jeffrey Epstein years ago.

Yashar Ali has tweeted out that two of his sources indicate the leaker of the video– a then-ABC employee who went on to work at CBS News– has been fired by CBS.

That follows Ali’s initial tweets yesterday (linked below).

Read more at The Right Scoop by clicking the link below:

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7 thoughts on “REPORT: CBS fires ABC whistleblower”

  1. So much for protecting whistleblowers, I guess. How people can not see how full of s**t the left is is beyond me. They care alright. As long as the whistleblower is outing Trump or a Republican/conservative, then they must be protected at all costs. If, however, the whistleblower is outing a leftist? Holy mother of all that’s holy!! …they must be publicly known and executed.

  2. A huge thank you to Project Veritas and to Sharyl Attkisson for the courageous investigating they are doing. Sharyl’s case against the Federal Government should be a cake walk if the Federal Government didn’t control all of the information and people. Please read Stonewalled.

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