China has allegedly stolen billions of dollars worth of American science

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other federal agencies have failed to prevent China from openly recruiting American scientific experts in exchange for payment and perks. This, according to Judicial Watch.

The Judicial Watch story relies on a report published by the Senate Homeland Security Committee. According to Judicial Watch, “This report exposes how American taxpayer funded research has contributed to China’s global rise over the last 20 years.”

The U.S. Senate report says the U.S. taxpayers spend over $150 billion a year on scientific research. Most of the federal agencies conducting this research have been impacted by the Chinese infiltration efforts, according to the story.

In 2008, the Chinese government announced its plan to recruit top overseas researchers and to eventually bring their talents and expertise to China to benefit the government. Despite China’s public declaration of its intentions, the FBI took nearly ten years to recognize that Chinese government talent programs posed a threat to the U.S. academic community and federal research grants.

Threats to the U.S. Research Enterprise: China’s Talent Recruitment Plans
Staff Report, U.S. Senate

Several examples of alleged Chinese theft involve national security information, such as that related to U.S. military jet engines.

Read the full Judicial Watch article by clicking on the link below:

Read the full Senate report by clicking on the link below:’s%20Talent%20Recruitment%20Plans.pdf

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9 thoughts on “China has allegedly stolen billions of dollars worth of American science”

  1. About fifteen years ago, I worked for a design firm that designed a research campus in China — for HP! I right that was crazy! Why didn’t HP think/understand that anything developed there was going to the Chinese government….?

    At the same firm, we worked on a resort in China. That was only going to cater to foreign businessmen who could only stay they by invitation. It was basically an enormous brothel run by the Chinese government.

  2. It seem a normal happening under Obama’s watch and help! Didn’t Biden go to China with his son and open an investment fund of over 1,7 billion which they purchased a company for 600 million which controlled over 60% of America’s uranium supplies? Yet no one has said anything? The FBI and CIA have proven to be under the control of Dems. so while they are in charge nothing will be done except to protect the traitors working for the demise of America! Really what you have started has been in the public for a while I just do not understand how it has taken the media so long to see what we all have for a long time. The problem is we can not do anything without media help and all the main media is and has been paid for a long time by the Dem. party. Even the Fisa court has a clause they can do anything as it will not be considered a crime! This is our justice system under Obama? why hasn’t anyone reacted. Obama sent 220 million dollars to the PLO on the sly 2 days before he left the WH why no questions? Obama changed the law which said no Muslim could be elected and he changed it to say they could again NO response. Obama gave 350,000,000 dollars to Persons publisher, who printed the school books slanting towards Muslim teachings, then made the Govt. funded universities include this into exams which were dependant on a pass, so if it was rejected no PASS . then he gets 60,000,000 dollars back as advance for a book, some book and this is not counting Clintons charity in Haiti who seems to be still looking for the sixty million donated for housing, no housing yet! Also Obama’s charities some shared with Clinton yet still no investigating ? I could go on there is much more. Look at the Biden’s money laundering where son got 3 million and father got about 15-20 million and they are still looking for over 1.6 BILLION why no comments?

    1. God this was happening back during the Bill Clinton Presidency. Satellite and rocket technology was stolen and given to them by the Clinton’s and their people.

      1. Dennis so any reason no one cares? Are we becoming so lazy unless it actually affects us personally it does not matter? There are billions of dollars of our money being taken right under our noses , the CIA and FBI are so corrupt it seems they think there is no law which applies to them! The schools are so polluted with the Dem. teachings even the students can not see the wrong. Can this ever be reversed?

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