Exit polls: Big win for Britain’s Boris and Brexit

As of this writing, the final results aren’t in– so take the early news with a grain of salt. But the British press and analysts seem to be celebrating or mourning, depending on where they stand, what looks like a big victory for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

And the opposing Labour Party could have suffered one of its biggest losses in decades.

The election victory for the pro-Brexit leader would seem to get the popularly-voted British exit from the European Union back on track. Establishment politicians in Great Britain and Europe have been fighting to block Brexit ever since a majority voted to approve it in June of 2016.

Watch my report on Full Measure that explains the Brexit controversy and what it has to do with the U.S.

On my trip to Europe to report on Brexit for Full Measure, analysts explained that part of the broad support for Brexit coming from both liberals and conservatives came because of Europe’s refugee crisis in 2015 and its aftermath. A flood of mostly-Muslim illegal immigrants rushed Europe’s borders, fleeing civil war torn countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Many viewed European leaders as not properly addressing the problem. The result has been financial strain, culture clashes and Islamic extremist terrorist attacks by some of the immigrants.

Read more about the British election results here:


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2 thoughts on “Exit polls: Big win for Britain’s Boris and Brexit”

  1. Some immigrants come from war-torn countries but most are now economic immigrants and the new category of climate change immigrants.
    The Left in Europe are for immigrants because the Right are against them. The problem lies in the fact that the Left do no longer represent the blue-collar.
    The Left have become the Regressive Left

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