Is U.S. Attorney Durham coming for ex-CIA Chief Brennan?

There’s a new report from the New York Times that U.S Attorney John Durham is seeking to obtain emails and other communications belonging to ex-CIA Director John Brennan as part of the criminal investigation into the intelligence community’s actions in the Trump-Russia probe.

A caution: The New York Times cites anonymous sources (and has proven incorrect many times before on this topic.)

But many analysts believe it’s entirely possible that Durham’s investigation is leading him to examine the actions of the controversial former intel chief. After leaving the Obama administration, Brennan became a frequent Trump attacker, spreading information and innuendo about the president– some of it proven sorely wrong.

Brennan and former Direction of National Intelligence James Clapper along with ex-FBI Director James Comey all went public with frequent anti-Trump rhetoric after they were removed from their positions. All are all being scrutinized in the wake of an Obama-appointed Inspector General who concluded there was broad and egregious misconduct in the Trump-Russia probe.

The Inspector General previous recommended the Department of Justice consider filing criminal charges against Comey for mishandling classified and government documents in his effort to disparage Trump. But the Justice Department declined to prosecute saying Comey likely did not intend any harm.

Attorney General William Barr has said Durham’s investigation is not expected to be completed before Spring or Summer 2020.

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4 thoughts on “Is U.S. Attorney Durham coming for ex-CIA Chief Brennan?”

  1. Again the tepid actions against Comey stating “he likely never intended any harm” !! Are you serious Mr. Barr ? He steadily misappropriated government documents, verified false information to Fisa court which he allegedly was aware was unreliable, his malfeasance in administration of the F.B.I., giving gov’t. owned documents to a “lawyer friend” in order to pass it onto the N.Y.Times for publishing and failure to be unaware of the McCabe – Stroyk activities to depose the duly elected President Trump. His actions to exonerate Hillary Clinton’s server violations (she never intended to be a criminal either) – need the listings continue ??? Screw him – AND HILLARY to the wall !

  2. Facebook WILL NOT POST my comments referring to Comey’s “lack of intent” rouse ! Likely Facebook’s sorry record of censorship will kick in again – you imposters of FREEDOM OF SPEECH ! Shanme of A.G. Barr if he lets Comey AND CLINTON walk away without being charged. Facebook you frauds, post this.

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