Lara Logan sues New York magazine and writer for $25 million

  • Logan claims a 2015 article about her was designed to harm her career
  • New York Media (which owns New York magazine) stands by its reporting

Former 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan is suing the author and publisher of a story that she says destroyed her earning capacity at CBS News.

The article by Joe Hagan was published in New York magazine 2014. It was titled “Benghazi and the Bombshell.” It provided an in depth look at Logan’s career as a war correspondent, and her personal life before and during her employment at CBS News.

The story included a critical look at the 60 Minutes story Logan reported about the Sept. 11, 2012 Islamic extremist terrorist attacks on Americans in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed. The Obama administration attempted to cover up the terrorist source of the attacks and the fact that the State Department, manned by Hillary Clinton at the time, had denied repeated requests for beefed up security from U.S. diplomats on the ground.

CBS retracted the 60 Minutes report after government officials and the smear group Media Matters launched a campaign to discredit it. Government officials took issue with a claim by one of the men Logan interviewed who they say gave false information: he stated he was on the scene during the attacks when he allegedly was not. (However, the government officials who challenged the information did not provide Logan with any documentation proving their claim.) Logan apologized publicly for making a mistake, but said it did not impact the heart of the story, which remained true.

Logan’s lawsuit claims Hagan’s article was “intended to portray Logan as a dangerous and untouchable and incendiary reporter” and that it included false statements. One of those allegedly false statements referred to Logan’s rape at the hands of an Islamic extremist gang while on assignment in Egypt as simply a “groping.”

The lawsuit also takes issue with the chosen headline, which included the word “Bombshell.” Logan claims that was “sexist, insulting and defamatory.”

In the lawsuit, Logan says that after the New York magazine story, her annual compensation at CBS was reduced from more than $2 million a year to $750,000 for a part-time job.

Hagan now works for Vanity Fair. New York magazine told The Hill’s Joe Concha that it stands by its story.  

The New York Magazine article was thoroughly vetted and fact-checked, and we stand by our reporting.

A New York Media spokeswoman to The Hill

Read more in The Hill by clicking the link below:

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11 thoughts on “Lara Logan sues New York magazine and writer for $25 million”

  1. This is great Sharyl, I’ve followed Lara since just was a sweet young thing and getting interviews from Special Operators because she was very intelligent as well as physically fit enough to join them. Her rape in Libya shows those in the know that Islam is not a religion but a death cult.

    She like you and Laura Ingram are among the few people I choose to listen. I will be using this article with some of my added background. Thanks, Jim Campbell
    Please drop by my site, I guarantee not to displease you or your money will cheerfully be refunded. Keep it up. You are the best.

    1. I’m pretty sure it was while she was reporting from Egypt.
      But both Lara and Sharyl are awesome reporters! Some of the few left reporting.
      I have a great story to tell as well. Perhaps one of these great women might help me?

  2. I will be calling for a boycott of all advertisers who support New York Media, New York Magazine, & Vanity Fair until they denounce Hogan, a man who describes rape as mere groping. Joe Hagan should receive a bombshell of men groping him from be-hind.

  3. Tripping down memory lane, I recall that Ben Rhodes was chief of staff to Obama and his brother, David, was/is a head honcho at CBS news. All that “trouble” in the Middle East stemmed from an unknown individual producing a video about Muhammed largely unseen by anyone. But the Crowd Went Wild and started an Arab Spring of revolution, according to our joyous muslim POTUS.. Organic, rage, we were told by still unindicted liars Hillary and Susan Rice due to that video (that no one saw).

    Lara Logan was a very brave woman to have gone into the Belly of that Beast in Egypt. I think she was targeted for a brutal orchestrated attack, not a benigh groping. That is laughable. Then the nerve of her to try to report the facts on the ground in Benghazi. She is totally vindicated in the substance of her reporting. Obama, HRC, were blowing up a stable Libya, murdering its leader, and the proof is in its pudding to this day.

    I hope Ms. Logan wins her lawsuit, and she will have the benefit of discovery to take down these masters of disinformation that plague us worse than Pravda ever did.

  4. Today the two premier investigative news reporters are Sharyl Attkisson and Lara Logan. Journalism is in a very sad state. The American people are actually being poisoned by the main street media. Getting only one side of the news is very unhealthy to our democracy. Today the Democratic Party is calling Climate Change a Crisis but never explains the “Crisis.” The climate change advocates never will participate in public debates. Why? I see a great topic for Charyl and Lara to investigate.

  5. Thank you Lara you are an awesome reporter and it has always come through, a risk taker to bring us news from all over the world. I have been an admirer for years. Never let others disparage you.

  6. Check-out the prophetic truth-telling by Lara Logan in 2012 included in the Hagar article:

    Only now in 2019 WaPo is validating the truth of Logan’s statement that was higly criticised by our fake news media

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